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We arrived in Washington early Friday morning. Patrick's parents picked us up at the airport and drove us all the way to Mt. Vernon, WA, near the Canadian border. The first thing I did when I saw my bus was go to the back and open the Emergency Exit, just because I could. We settled up the paperwork with the previous owner and got to work taking out 3 of the seats on the starboard side to fit the air mattress. The trip home was an estimated 2 1/2 day trip. Around sunset, Patrick and I started home. The trip was fairly uneventful, considering we were driving a 30 year-old school bus through mountainous country, until we reached Grants Pass, Oregon.

Or rather, 8 miles before Grants Pass, Oregon. The bus had been sputtering for a couple hours, but on this particular stretch of highway, she decided to quit all together. We had to call a tow truck and get her towed to the nearest town, Grants Pass. This was Saturday evening. Everyone we talked to (the tow truck driver, the guys at Schucks - Oregon's version of Kragens) all said it sounded like the fuel filter. So I called the guy who sold it to me and complained. He agreed to pay for a mechanic to fix the problem. It was now Sunday morning, where were we going to find a mechanic? Fortunately, one of the Schucks guys knew a mobile mechanic who was willing to come out and take a look. It turns out it was the fuel filter. I got a crash course in changing a fuel filter in front of the fuel pump and adding a second filter between the pump and the engine, just in case. So, Sunday evening, we're on our way again.

Patrick and I drove straight through until we reached San Jose on Monday morning, around 5:00 A.M. I finally had my school bus! Now, it was time for the work to begin!

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