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The Blue Party Pictures
July 4, 2010

The theme of Zensidhe's birthday party this year was simply "blue". So we all wore something blue, the decorations was blue, the cake was blue, everything was blue. Since I no longer have any blue in my wardrobe (other than my old high school uniform, which now lives in my costume closet), I had to dig way down into the 1989 layer of my drawer to find something suitable. My packrat tendencies provided me with the blue and white wrap that I got in Hawaii in junior high, and a blue bikini from sometime in high school. I added a couple of fake leis and whipped up a hair piece from a fake flower arrangement and voila! Something blue!

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images. Please do not steal these images. If you wish to copy these images, show these images on your own website or link to mine, please ask permission first.

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I'm in drag!

Jessie gives me bunny ears

Zensidhe & Terri

Zensidhe (with bunny ears) & Terri

Violet Flames & Zensidhe

Violet Flames greets me

Violet Flames, Darla, & me

Terri, Datan0de, Nekid Steve

More pics of me looking like a girl

The party

The party

Mirta, me, Jessie, Datan0de, & Sulihin

Melissa & Sterling

Steven, Sulihin, Jessie

Me, Jessie, Kim

Me, Jessie, Kim

Sulihin, me, Jessie, Kim

Me & Datan0de

Me & Datan0de in our Glow-necklaces


Zensidhe and me kissing

Kim, me, Michelle, Zensidhe

Kim, Michelle, Zensidhe

Trogdor the Burninator

Trogdor the Burninator

The party

The party

Nekid Steve's ass on the coffee table

Datan0de trying to get pics of Violet Flames & Darla

Like this one

Sulihin, Darla, Violet Flames

Violet Flames & Darla

Datan0de, Violet Flames, Darla, Nekid Steve

Datan0de, Violet Flames, Darla, Nekid Steve

Darla throwin' the horns!

Not really, she was just gesturing

On purpose this time

Violet Flames & Darla

Violet Flames & Darla photobombed

Violet Flames & Darla

Kim, Trogdor, me

Datan0de takes the hit for Steven in Bros Icing Bros game

Datan0de drinking the beer

Datan0de beats down Zensidhe...

according to Tosh's new rules for Bros Icing Bros

Nekid Steve hugs Melissa



Datan0de & Trogdor

Matching underwear


Sulihin & me

Mirta, Nekid Steve, Violet Flames, Darla, Datan0de

Sulihin, me, Zensidhe

Terri, Mark, Jessie



Darla & Violet Flames

Zensidhe & Mirta start a tickle fight

Zensidhe & Mirta

Not sure who's winning

Was that really a great idea

By whose definition?

Datan0de thinks it's a fine idea!

Jessie, Nekid Steve, Sterling, Terri

Datan0de wanted a pic of me in drag without bunny ears

And another one

To show off the hairpiece

A close-up

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