Ah, so ye wish to know more about the Inn Keeper? Have a seat by the fire, order a cup of your favorite drink, and I will spin ye a tale. Ye may find it to yer liking, ye may not, but ye asked for it.

Joreth, the InnKeeperPhysical Description - Here is the form I choose when appearing in your realm:

  • 5 feet, 5 inches tall
  • 120 lbs
  • My eyes are tri-colored and the overall color depends on which band is dominant. Therefore they change color, from blue in most pictures, to green (rarely), and most commonly, hazel. The three colors are a thin band of green on the outside, a wide band of grey-blue inside, and a thin band of yellow-brown around the pupil with threads that spike into the grey-blue area. And no, I don't wear contacts, nor am I sidhe.
  • My hair is brown and is long enough to just sit on. Before you ask, my hair has always been long.
  • I have a slender but not athletic build. I'm working on the athletic part, though.
  • I am a tomboy and dress as such in military pants (BDU's), men's undershirt tank tops, steel-toe combat boots. I have been known to "dress up" for formal events and I often dress in costumes for events, but this is my preferred state.
  • I was born in January of 1977, rather than updating this every year for my age, you do the math.

Hobbies - (in no particular order)

  • Reading - anything and almost everything! I read Stephen King, fantasy/sci-fi, and yes, when I have nothing better to read, romance novels.
  • Cross stitching (not embroidery)
  • Singing - I'm a mezzo-soprano with no formal training and a choral background, no solos.
  • Dancing - swing dancing, night clubs, social ballroom (also known as dance sport or partner dance), latin dances, anything that I can learn and for which I can find a partner
  • Costuming
  • Photography
  • Watching movies
  • Starting long and complicated projects, like converting a bus and building an edit suite
  • Arguing & ranting on the internet

Unique Compliments - creative and unique compliments are far more meaningful to most people than generic compliments that can apply to anyone or that are used on everyone. To really win points with someone, pick something unique about that person that references those elements they view as most important to their identity. The compliments that stand out most in my memory are:

  • "I don't think of you as heterosexual, I think of you as a gay man." - The full sexual identity "label" that I use is "gay man in a female's body who happens not to want a sex change" because, with our society's gender roles, I feel more like a man in my head but I happen to be comfortable in my female body and not interested in changing, and I'm only sexually attracted to men. But I just say "heterosexual" for short. I once used this shorthand in a blog post, and a friend responded with this line and it just made my day that he so "got" me!
  • "Joreth's in drag!" - Two separate people said this when they once saw me in a regular skirt. I was intending to do some casual swing dancing that night, and they had previously only seen me in my regular combat gear or in fetish clothing. I like this because dressing in feminine-style clothing feels like drag to me.
  • "You're fury-specced and dual wield switchblades" - I don't play World of Warcraft, but my sweetie Tacit does, and apparently this means that if I were a game character, I'd have a bad temper that gives me a beserker-like power and my weapon of choice is two switchblades.
  • "You look like you're a tactical unit" - given while stopped on the side of the road after work one day changing my blown-out tire. By a Sheriff. Yes, he said I looked like a tactical unit ... a whole unit.
  • "You're like a little ninja!" - received while at work, all in black, running around, lifting things I don't look like I could lift like 20 foot pipe with drape still attached.
  • "You are so treacherously delicious"
  • "She is an alpha but doesn't play dominance games. She doesn't have to be the ONLY alpha in the room, but she makes it very clear that she's an alpha" - a friend of a friend's description of me after first meeting me, told to said mutual friend.

Labels - some shorthand phrases and words that can be used to sum me up, but usually require longer explanation as can be found in my Online Me Manual:

  • Polyamorous
  • Skeptic
  • Strong Atheist & Anti-theist
  • Feminist
  • Stagehand
  • Tomboy
  • Introvert
  • INTJ with slight preference on the "J" and bordering ISTP (Meyers-Briggs/MBTI)
  • Sex-Postive
  • Straight - my sexual orientation and my position on drugs and alcohol, but not my level of kink
  • Le Online Bitch
  • Activist
  • Educator
  • Humanist
  • Science Advocate


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