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Zen Shooter's Birthday Pictures
November 8, 2008

Zen Shooter's 34th Birthday Party was a memorable event. I didn't take all that many pictures, mainly because my batteries were low. But I did get some good ones of the Sex Toy Demonstration, some video of the Belly Dancing Slave Leia & Padme, and the first naked guy of the evening!

I resorted to uploading the videos to YouTube because the .avi files were just taking too long to load. If you appear in a video and don't want it to be public on YouTube, let me know.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images. Please do not steal these images. If you wish to copy these images, show these images on your own website or link to mine, please ask permission first.

Please let me know if your name is incorrect and/or you want a link to your website at your name, and I will fix it. By default, I will use online names instead of real names (unless you have several and I don't know which online name to use), and I prioritize which links I choose as: a personal website first, a LiveJournal second, a MySpace page third, and an OKCupid profile last, unless otherwise requested. People with multiple websites and/or an active LiveJournal will sometimes see several links for their name if their name appears multiple times.

JJS, Josie, & Piss Rocket pose with the demo blindfold on Piss Rocket

Piss Rocket sits, awaiting his fate.

Dyadya sits with a suction-cup dildo over her shoulder

And, she notices

Piss Rocket lies on the floor for the first demo

Our hostess attaches the G-spot ankle restraints...

to demonstrate how they're used

Piss Rocket enjoys the vibrating nipple clamp

Our hostess raises Piss Rocket's legs in the air...

and shows how the "woman" grabs her strap to help keep her legs in the air

Piss Rocket then demonstrates the LOVE paddle

with JJS's assistance

Aww, c'mon, Piss Rocket can't even feel that!

JustMeow takes a turn

Lower your head, bitch!

Carty decides to show us how it's done!

Zen Shooter inspects Wally with a vibrating cockring

He's looking a little uncomfortable here

I think it's funnier when you can't see it's a dildo!

Our hostess demonstrates on Josie the doggie-style strap

JustMeow, Josie, & Jason

Kaithia shows her devotion to Zen Shooter

Kaylin, Jason, Missy, Bonedaddy Bruce, & Kaithia

Josie, Piss Rocket, JustMeow, & JJS

Piss Rocket, J, Josie & JustMeow

JJS gets suggestive with Josie

Personal demonstrations of Puppetry of the Penis!

Zen Shooter poses with the first naked guy of the night!

I don't think their asses look anything alike, do you?

More naked male butts - woo hoo!

Carty plays Hotel California

Josie & Jessa dance to Carty's guitar

Welcome the Dancing Princess!

Amira does her Belly Dancing Slave Leia routine!

She was awesome!

Amira's dance partner, Aisha joins her

The Dancing Princesses get the crowd into it

They even get Zen Shooter to join in!

More video of Amira & Aisha. This one's not on YouTube because there is full frontal male nudity.

Wait, I thought the Birthday Boy was the one who was s'posed to get spanked?

Zen Shooter has a party crasher at the end of the night!

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