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Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
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Dragoncon 2008 Pictures
August 29 - September 1 2008

I made it to another year at Dragoncon! I didn't take as many pictures as last year. I'm finding that, as I get older, I take less pictures. There are no orgy pictures this year either. Most are just a few cool costumes and some of my personal heroes. Thanks to Bonedaddybruce for the handful of pics of me and from the Benihana trip that I couldn't take! Some of the pics have mouseover comments, if you use I.E. The thumbnails with the filmstrip sides are links to video files and will take a while to load. If you have a webpage, LJ, MySpace, Flickr, or whatever, with pics from Dragoncon and want me to link to it, please let me know.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images. Please do not steal these images. If you wish to copy these images, show these images on your own website or link to mine, please ask permission first. Please let me know if your name is incorrect and/or you want a link to your website at your name, and I will fix it.

You can't get away with this kind of advertising anymore!
Poster from the burger joint Vortex
day, Tacit & Kaithia, taken by Bonedaddybruce
dayo, Tacit, & Kaithia
Benihana's happened on Friday this year and I was at panels, so Bonedaddybruce gave me some of the pictures he took there
Tacit, dayo, & Femetal
Another one from Bonedaddybruce at Benihana's
Tacit, Datan0de, Zensidhe, Janet
James Randi is one of the coolest people currently living.  He fights to defraud charletains in the honorable tradition of Harry Houdini
My hero, The Amazing James Randi
May Dryad & Zen Shooter
May Dryad sitting on Zen Shooter at the first room party
May Dryad & Zen Shooter
May Dryad nibbling on Zen Shooter
We found out a lot about David - for instance, he's possibly an even bigger packrat than me or Tacit!
Kaithia going through David's wallet while Tacit looks on
Kaithia seems to like doing things to dayo with her teeth!
Kaithia taking money out of dayo's cleavage
It can be said with some certainty that the number of alternative treatments that have been shown to work better than a placebo is very small, and quite possibly zero - Ian Chalmers, a founder of the Chochrane Library
Slide from the Alt. Medicine vs. Science panel
I have a brand new DSLR and I haven't figured out all the quirks yet, so I took this picture to pre-set the complicated settings so that May Dryad could then take my picture of my costume
Zen Shooter
Doesn't she look all cute in that hat?
May Dryad as Indiana Jones

May Dryad as Indiana Jones

May Dryad as Indiana Jones

My Evil Fire Elf with the new makeup
Everyone loved the contacts and makeup.  I consider them a resounding success!
Closeup of the new makeup technique & new contacts

Closeup of makeup with the proper jewelry
Front: Femetal; 2nd Row: Tacit, Meesh, Datan0de, Kaithia; 3rd Row: Anklesnake, me, May Dryad; Sitting In Chairs: Bonedaddybruce, dayo, Owyn, Dameon
Group shot at the second night room party. See alt tag for names
I love these contacts, I must find more excuses to wear them!
Closeup of my contacts sans makeup by Bonedaddybruce
Kaithia, David, May Dryad, Zen Shooter, me, dayo, Tacit, Zensidhe
Another group shot with names in the alt tag

Kaithia continues the tradition...

of removing dayo's corset with her teeth
Damn, that's a lot of lacing!
More removing of the corset
He was sitting in the audience only a few seats down from me at another Skeptics panel I attended
Another pic of James Randi
One of my favorite podcasts, I got to see the members of TSGTHU and 3 fantastic guest speakers.  From Left to Right:  Dr. Steven Novella - the host, Robert Novella, James Randi - guest, Dennis? - guest, Dr. Pamela Gay - guest, Evan Bernstein
The panelists of the live recording of The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe

Dr. Novella addresses a question
This was the graphic being displayed in the official Podcasting Room at Dragoncon, with the D'con symbol wearing an iPod
The Dragoncon Podcast Logo

A cool transformer costume
Zensidhe accepted to be the audience participant at the JREF Million Dollar Challenge Demo
Zensidhe at the JREF Million Dollar Challenge demo

The demo was on dowsing.

The host explains how dowsing works using one paint can with water and one paint can with sand.

Zensidhe on stage while the host explains the challenge

Zensidhe dowses over 10 paint cans, 3 of which have water and 7 have sand

He must get all 3 right to win the money

Zensidhe writes down his answers & the host tells of some excuses given in the past

More emptying of the cans

This can had sand. Better pics at Bad Astronomy's Flickr Set

conclusion: Zensidhe does better than any other dowser ever to take the challenge!
Tacit stood around chatting while James Randi stood arms-distance away for about 10 minutes before dayo finally suggested he get a picture with his hero, who was perfectly happy to pose with some fans
Tacit and his hero The Amazing Randi
James Randi says he likes posing with me because I'm cuddly!
Me and my hero The Amazing Randi

A picture of me that I don't hate wearing the fantastic leather corset that Zen Shooter bought me.

Zen Shooter, me and Tacit in our first attempt at a group photo.

Zen Shooter & me all dressed up.

We don't have many pictures of us together since I'm the one usually with a camera

Zen Shooter gets a little silly

Me and my two boys dressed for a night out!

Zen Shooter, me, & Tacit
awww, how cute!
Zen Shooter, me, & Tacit (with link to his other website)
All of us together, I think it's a new tradition!
May Dryad, Zen Shooter, me, & Tacit

May Dryad, Zen Shooter, me, & Tacit

May Dryad & Zen Shooter being silly
awww how cute!
May Dryad & Zen Shooter

May Dryad & Zen Shooter
We decided to take a family photo of us three poly activists for the media reporters that keep requesting one
Zen Shooter, me, & Tacit sans clubwear
So we took a couple without our kinky-goth-convention-clubwear suitable for media
Zen Shooter actually attempts to smile!

May Dryad got a spiffy new coat

so I played with the camera...

to get a good shot...

of the pattern in the coat

The one and only pic of Tacit & Minx at their panel on sex & blogging

Tacit, dayo, David, Alcaro

Tacit, dayo, Zen Shooter, David

Through the elevator mirror: May Dryad, dayo, Alcaro

Through the elevator mirror: "Spider Jerusalem", dayo, Alcaro
I can't remember the story, but he had everyone enthralled, including the wierd elevator guy who missed the beginning of the story but stayed for the end
Zen Shooter regals the elevator crowd with a story


Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Edna 'E' Mode from The Incredibles
Apparently she dresses in duct tape and poses every year on Sunday night
Duct Tape Girl

Some steampunk group

Bluntman & Chronic from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Shatner Action Figures - Shakespeare & Western Shatner

A new twist on Little Red Riding Hood

One of the coolest costumes I've seen this year

The demon knight riding his dragon steed

With articulated wings, I think

The Death Star Construction Crew

Cybertek Wings

These are some pretty freakin' cool wings

They light up when extended
Someone asked him what the H stood for and he said - uh, Hurry Up And Take The Picture!
The Buddy Jesus!

The Marriott Atrium

I got to play with my new camera

I messed with aperture

Played with the custom white balance

This one has the elevator in it

I changed shutter speeds

I was having trouble holding still enough

I tried laying down on a footrest...

but security insisted I put it back...

so I tried laying on the floor...

I finally just sat the camera on the floor and used the remote

but I kept forgetting the long shutter speed

Finally, on the floor, with remote & long shutter speed...

took the best images...

but security told me not to sit on the floor...

so I had to hover near the camera to make sure no one kicked it

Looking down the atrium from the top floor

Not nearly as impressive as looking up...

but I took pics anyway

More pictures at:

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