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Dragoncon 2009 Pictures

I have to be careful not to oversell this, but Dragon*Con was the BEST CON EVAR! This year's Dragoncon in Atlanta was, hands down, the best convention I've attended yet, and that includes previous Dragon*Cons. I got to attend almost all of the panels and workshops I scheduled for myself (the only exceptions being a few on Monday morning that I missed because of checking out and packing up the car). I got to meet more of my favorite Skeptical/Science celebrities and personal heroes, I debuted a new costume, I completed an existing costume, I had 2 days in the most comfortable costumes ever, and I had some of the best poly moments of my life.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken at Dragon*con 2009. Some were taken by me, but most were taken by Tacit and Datan0de. They are roughly in the order in which they were taken, so costume pics are mixed in with party pics and panel pics, depending upon the time of day the event occurred. There are also a handful of videos. Down at the bottom are large images of my 2 latex costumes with the backgrounds removed, and a handful of Happy Poly Family Pictures with the D*C background removed so we could use them as family portraits. Enjoy!

And yes, there was an orgy this year, by anyone's definition. And no, I will not be posting the pictures. There were no pictures available with all the participants willing to be posted, so you'll just have to be content with the knowledge that it was absolutely fantastic and it surpassed my expectations and hopes.

For more pictures, visit the Dragoncon Fan Photos page. You can also visit My LiveJournal Post all about my weekend at Dragon*Con!

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images. Please do not steal these images. If you wish to copy these images, show these images on your own website or link to mine, please ask permission first.

And the fun starts before D*C even begins!

Tacit and me


Datan0de wants evidence of me in "drag"

So I pose for a pic where he can get the whole skirt

And, of course, he gets one of me bent over

Me sitting with my skirt flared

Me & Datan0de

Taking my skirt off for a flogging

Tacit begins to flog me

A short video of Tacit flogging me

Dorklord moves the coffe table out of the way so Tacit has enough room for his floggers

Datan0de decides to participate...

... or interfere...

... or something

Sally Jupiter aka Silk Spectre I from Watchmen

Rorshach from Watchmen

An interesting take on the Baroness from G.I. Joe

Jay & Silent Bob

Conan & ?

A couple of Slave Leias

Nurse from Silent Hill

My completed Evil Fire Elf

Firing an arrow at an enemy

A closeup of the makeup & eyes

The Terminator

Selene from Underworld

Now that's a hardcore Trekkie!

Datan0de has a thing for taking pics of my ass

One of my personal heroes, professional paranomral investigator Joe Nickell

A female Droog

The droog beats down Zensidhe.


A member of Cobra from G.I. Joe


Star Wars 'droids

Poison Ivy from Batman

The Watchmen mingling with D*C crowd

Me in Laurie Jupiter aka Silk Spectre II from Watchmen

The latest in my all-liquid-latex costume series

Mother & Daughter, Sally & Laurie Jupiter, Silk Spectre I & II

More of the Watchmen mingling

My backside

Taking a short break from posing

Laurie Jupiter, Sally Jupiter, Mothman, Silhouette, & Sally Jupiter

Silk Spectre II, Silk Spectre I, Mothman, Silhouette, Silk Spectre I, The Comedian, Silhouette

The Watchmen photo meetup

The Minutemen from Watchmen

Silhouette & Sally Jupiter

Another Laurie Jupiter joins the lineup

We're starting to get pretty numerous

I'm second from the left

The group is getting too long, so I move down front

Sally Jupiter joins me down front

More of the Watchmen move in front

Good thing, too, because more are showing up!

A nice group shot

The smiley face arrives!

Back: Laurie Jupiter (movie version), Rorshach, Comedian, Silhouette, Sally Jupiter, Smiley Button, Mothman, Sally Jupiter, Ozymandis (movie version), Silhouette, Ozymandis (comic version).
Front: Sally Jupiter, Comedian, Laurie Jupiter (me, movie version), Laurie Jupiter (comic version)

Not me, but a nice costume of Laurie Jupiter

Sally Jupiter notices Datan0de taking her picture.

Silk Spectre I poses

The Smiley Button and Silhouette

Laurie Jupiter (me) & the Smiley Button

Trying to rest my feet

Disco Storm Trooper!

from Battlestar Galactica

Leeloo from Fifth Element, Dr. Horrible, ?, The Weighted Companion Cube

Datan0de in his steampunk rocketeer costume

This pic was found on the internet, taken by a stranger

Tacit takes a pic of me as Laurie Jupiter

I pose as Laurie Jupiter for a fellow con-goer

Adam Savage from The Mythbusters!

Part of the most awesome Skeptics Track at D*C this year

Pinhead & a Slave Leia


Robot Chicken

Girl with a Portal Gun replica

Steampunk Prof. Charles Xavier from X-Men


Darth Vader from Star Wars

? & Elvira

Chewbacca from Star Wars

don't know if it's Adam Savage or not though

Poison Ivy, ?, ?

Main character from 9

uh, the lovechild of Ironman and Punisher?

Kaithia's ass

Kaithia & Jessie

Video explaining the difference between "fondle" and "grope"

More Kaithia

More Kaithia & Jessie

Amira as Six & Baltar from Battlestar Galactica

Damien & Kaithia

Beware of giant robots!

Oh, the irony!

I don't know why, but this is the only pic any of us took of The Skeptics Guide To The Universe live podcast

Lego Bobba Fett from Star Wars

Lego Bobba Fett & Timestheyare

Jeff Wagg, of the JREF

Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer

Taking a pic of Jeff Wagg while speaking

His pic (posted at

D.J. Grothe of Point Of Inquiry & For Good Reason podcasts


Captain America & ?

Me & The Build-Your-Own-Monster Costume

Like Mr. Potato Head, only life-size & a monster

Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas

Me as Tabula Rosa Charlie, an Active in The Dollhouse in the blank state & Oogie Boogie

The most comfortable costume I've ever had. Unfortunately, not many pics

Joker & Apocolyptic Girl

Girl wearing apocolyptic Mad Max-type armor

Turns out, we know her! Erin & Datan0de


Video showing off a 360-degree view of the armor

Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen

Rorshach from Watchmen & Tom Servo from MST3K

Tom Servo is dressed in a Comedian costume (also from Watchmen)

Female Darth Vader in lingerie

Kim, Datan0de & me

Happy poly Vee

Brian Dunning from Skeptoid

Live Skeptoid podcast recording

Cameron from Sarah Connor Chronicles

without her glasses

Laura Croft from Tomb Raider

All glory to The Hypnotoad!

Arc Attack!

A band whose primary instruments are two giant Tesla Coils

Music is created by varying the pitch of the lighting arcs created by the coils

Arc Attack! was the headlining band for the Mad Scientists 2nd Annual Ball

This was my first time seeing them live

Yes, there is someone inside that metal cage between the two Tesla Coils

I got really lucky here with lighting from someone else's flash

The lead guitarist & band leader, I think

Another lucky shot with someone else's flash

Goth, half-naked Mad Nurse inside the cage

Video & audio of the Tesla Coils singing the Imperial March from Star Wars

Tacit & me

Me, Amira as Judzea Dax from Star Trek & Datan0de

Me & Datan0de in our Mad Scientists costumes for the Mad Scientists Ball

It was a shockingly good time!

The Goth Mad Nurse from the Tesla cage

Amira poses

the Fruity Oaty Bar girls from Serenity

Naked Storm Troopers from Star Wars

Davy Jones, Kim, & Capt. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Datan0de takes a pic of me from his seat on the Transhumanism panel

Datan0de, Tacit, & on the Transhumanism panel

Datan0de & Tacit

The Skeptics Track Wrap Up Panel

Me as Sarah Connor from Terminator 2, the costume I wear on the last day cuz it's mostly my own clothes

Sarah Connor beats down Zensidhe
Back: George Hrab, Jeff Wagg, Eugenie Scott, Derek Colanduno, Maria Walters, ?, ?, Brian Dunning, ?. Front: Rebecca Watson, D.J. Grothe, Naomi?, ?, ?, Dr. Rachie

Photos taken during or after Dragoncon with neutral backgrounds or background removed for use as portraits

Datan0de & me

Me & Tacit

Datan0de & Tacit forget their truce for a moment

Kim, Datan0de, & me

Datan0de, me, & Tacit
The completed Evil Fire Elf in liquid latex

Laurie Jupiter, aka Silk Spectre II in liquid latex

2009 Official Dragon*Con Photo Gallery

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