Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
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Fondue Party Pictures
January 23, 2011

I have always been a fan of fondue, ever since my high school sweetheart took me to La Fondue in Saratoga, CA. I became such a big fan that I learned how to make it myself. And I don't mean that I just melted cheese and dipped bread into it. I mean that I actually learned how to cook a 4 course fondue meal. In my early 20s, I hosted a couple of Superbowl parties this way. None of my friends cared about the Superbowl, but we liked the awesome commercials that were debuted during the Superbowl. Fondue, especially multiple courses, takes several hours to get through, so we could hang out and chat and cook, turn around to watch the 90 seconds of commercials, then go back to the food and the talking.

Well, I really missed those kinds of parties, so I decided to host a big fondue party for myself. I rented out The Center, our local LGBT organization, because I was already familiar with the building, since we host OrlandoPoly there, it was big enough, they had a big TV, and it was fairly inexpensive (for a meeting space). I brought all my fondue supplies, and borrowed a few from friends, and we had a FEAST!

We started off with two cheese fondues - beer and cheddar, and Italian, which had mozzarella and provolone. The beer & cheddar is my all-time favorite, but I had never tried the Italian, and I think it's now my next-favorite. To dip, we had sourdough bread, broccoli, carrots, potatos, red and green apple slices, and grapes. Next was the main entrée; instead of cooking meat in oil, I used a vegetable broth and had one pot for meats and another pot for veggies. To dip, we had beef, chicken, terriyaki beef, duck, bison, wild turkey, tofu, vegan fake-chicken, potatos, carrots, and broccoli. I also served about 12 different types of dipping sauces. Then came the big finish - the chocolate fondue! I had a milk chocolate and Irish creme fondue as well as a dark chocolate with liquor fondue. To dip was a variety of things such as rice Krispie treats, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, grapes, apple slices, lady fingers, cookies, and pretzles.

The whole meal took about 5 or 6 hours, and we had a Selection of geeky movies playing in the background, like Princess Bride and Galaxy Quest. It was a huge effort, and not something that I can do again anytime soon, but it was a lot of fun and I greatly enjoyed the company and the food!

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The party guests & me beginning the fondue on the left

January, Piss Rocket, Me, Kim, & Jessie

Piss Rocket trying out the cheese fondue

Cyberlizard, & Jessie

An absolutely awful picture of Datan0de & me

A better picture of me & Datan0de

Kim & Bratty Jessie

Startled me & Kelleytastic

A not-startled me & Kelleytastic

Kelleytastic & Cyberlizard

Enjoying the chocolate course

Me, Zensidhe, Christina, & Cyberlizard


Christina, Bonedaddy Bruce & DJ

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