Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
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Frolicon Pictures
April 2-4, 2010

We frolic in the spring! On Easter weekend, our intentional family prefers to spend the time on our knees ... in the dungeon! Frolicon is an adult sci-fi convention, with more "adult" than "sci-fi". There are panels on all manner of kinky topics, and at night, the grand ballroom is turned into a massive dungeon play space. Naturally, there aren't too many pictures taken of this event because of the privacy issues and adult content, but we did manage to snap quite a few pictures this year of the Squiggle hanging out - in the hotel room, at dinner, etc. I actually didn't attend a single panel that wasn't dancing! This year there was a dance instructor who had lessons on swing, hustle, salsa, and merengue, and I attened every one of them. I also attended every social dance event (there was one per night). Maybe next year I'll attend a kink or sci-fi related panel.

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Datan0de attended some dance workshops too

Datan0de gets some assistance with his hold

We rotate partners to be better social dancers, so Datan0de dances here with another guest

Finally, we get a chance to dance together

The con photographers snapped a pic of me dancing at the '80s Night dance

Lube Boy's weapons, the Lubrinators!

Chaosbunny puts bunny ears on Tacit

Tacit isn't amused but Chaosbunny is!

So is Zaiah

Tacit is recursively not amused

Jessie & Kim


The Pet Lesbians


Me with my '80s makeup

Me in my '80s outfit (but I forgot the totally rad '80s belt!)

Kim & me

Jessie, Kim, me

Jessie, Kim, me


Jessie looking adorable & public-safe


Zaiah taking a picture of the photographer

Zaiah & Tacit taking pics of the photographer

Jessie & me

Jessie & me

The Pet Lesbians

Lady Zinaida & Little Miss Vita

The Pet Lesbians & Zaiah

Tacit & The Pet Lesbians

Tacit, Zaiah,
Lady Zinaida, & Little Miss Vita

Tacit, me, Datan0de

Tacit, me, Datan0de

Biting me

Datan0de looking surprised

Datan0de & me


Kim & Jessie

Jessie looking adorable as Strawberry Shortcake

Jessie as Strawberry Shortcake


Zensidhe, Zaiah, Jessie

Me curled up with a book & a blanket

It was cold!

Anklesnake drinking tea

Me in my black straight jacket

Flapping my arms

Me in my pseudo-military shirt & a skirt that lets me go out in public

Tacit with bunny ears at dinner

Tacit still grumpy about the bunny ears


Tacit bouncing in his bunny ears

Me in my black straight jacket without the skirt


Datan0de takes video of me flapping my arms in the straight jacket

Anklesnake takes a picture of Datan0de taking a picture of Anklesnake

Me in my pseudo-military shirt without the skirt

From the back

Lube Boy makes an appearance!

Lube Boy and me

Anklesnake with a piece of bread in her mouth

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