Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
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Bouncy Birthday Pictures
January 30, 2010

For my birthday this year, we went to Rebounderz, a trampoline gym in Orlando. It's a large warehouse with wall-to-wall trampolines and padding set up on the joints between the trampolines. Even the walls themselves have trampolines! It's a pretty major cardio workout and I usually only pay for a half hour (out of which I probably only jump a total of 15 minutes). But it's great fun and I highly recommend it! Since Jessie wasn't up for bouncing, she took all the pictures for me with my camera.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images. Please do not steal these images. If you wish to copy these images, show these images on your own website or link to mine, please ask permission first.

Please let me know if your name is incorrect and/or you want a link to your website at your name, and I will fix it.

My cat, Onyx, sleeping on Datan0de's foot just before

The Boy & Kim

Me bouncing

Part of Datan0de & me

Datan0de & part of me

Me landing precariously

Datan0de & some other guest cutting across

Part of Datan0de, a ref, and Sterling





Me resting after the ref made me roll & it injured my neck

Datan0de, the ref, and Terriaminute's arm




Sterling in mid bounce, Datan0de watching

Kim & Datan0de


Sterling in the air

Zensidhe, Jessie & Kim

Terriaminute, Zensidhe, Jessie & Kim




Bouncy shoes

Mark & Terriaminute

Datan0de & Mark

Datan0de & Mark


Datan0de & Sterling

Datan0de & Kim with Mark in the background

Sterling in mid-air

Datan0de, Mark in the air, Kim resting, & my knee

Kim, me still trying to recover from my neck injury, & Terriaminute

Sterling's butt, Mark, & Kim resting

Datan0de & Mark

Woo hoo!

Kim & Datan0de



Datan0de & Mark with random people in the background

The Boy & Sterling


Mark, The Boy, part of Kim

part of Datan0de, my lower half, Terriaminute, part of Zensidhe

part of Datan0de, part of me, Terriaminute, part of Zensidhe

Datan0de, my lower half, Terriaminute, Zensidhe

Kim & Datan0de

The Boy & Mark

Mark & Sterling

Mark, bouncing on his butt

Mark's legs, Datan0de, Sterling

Me, finally bouncing!

My backside

Me bouncing

The Boy, with Mark resting

Datan0de bouncing off the wall & Mark resting

The Boy bouncing off the wall

Sterling bouncing off the wall

Mark resting & me bouncing off the wall

Me bouncing off the other wall




Me resting - it's hard work!

Datan0de, Sterling, Mark, Kim, part of Terriaminute & Zensidhe

The Boy in the air & Datan0de

Me & Datan0de

Me & Datan0de posing for a picture


Sterling & me behind him

Sterling's lower half & me

Sterling in mid-jump, me

Kim, & Datan0de resting, & Terriaminute


Me & Datan0de

My butt

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