Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
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Wizarding World Of Harry Potter With The Squiggle
June 26, 2010

The Squiggle FLAN (that's the Florida Local Area Network branch of the Squiggle - my romantic network) went to the new opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida. It was amazing! The section of the park is not very large, but it's completely immersive. The detail in the buildings along the street was just fantastic, the ride was great, and the butterbeer! Oh the butterbeer! It comes in frozen and "on tap", and is a non-alcoholic sweet drink based on the slightly-alcoholic drink the kids have in the books when they visit the town of Hogsmeade on school breaks.

Basically, the WWOHP section is made up to look like you have entered Hogsmeade Village, which sits at the base of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the main characters attend school. Within the village of Hogsmeade, we find the most memorable buildings from the book, such as The Three Broomsticks Inn, Zonko's Joke Shop, Honedukes candy store, Olivander's Wand Shop, Hogsmeade Owl Post Office, and Hogsmeade Station with the Hogwarts Express. It was designed by the same guy who designed the movie sets, and he said this was his chance to put his vision into 3D reality, instead of separate pieces that movie sets are. He is an actual architect too, not just a set designer, so he was also excited to build fully functioning buildings, not just movie flats. I had such a good time, and I was so impressed with the detail, that I went back again later with my good camera and did nothing but take pictures all day. Those are on another page. These pictures, however, are a mix of pictures I took and that Jessie took with Datan0de's camera.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images. Please do not steal these images. If you wish to copy these images, show these images on your own website or link to mine, please ask permission first.

Please let me know if your name is incorrect and/or you want a link to your website at your name, and I will fix it.

The entrance to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, with Datan0de in front

Datan0de & Kim at the entrance

Datan0de, Kim, & Anklesnake

Datan0de, Kim, & Anklesnake

The entrance

The Squiggle-FLAN, Datan0de, Kim, Jessie, Zensidhe, me, Anklesnake

The Squiggle-FLAN

The Hogwart Express

Hogsmeade Village Skyline

Hogsmeade Village, crowded with people

The crooked chimneys

Hogsmeade Village

The Hogsmeade Owl Post Office

The Owl Post roost

And the clock tower

Zonko's Joke Shop

Honeyduke's Sweet Shop, with Kim, Zensidhe & Anklesnake

A large Chocolate Frog

A closeup

Kim inside Zonko's Joke Shop

Extendable Ears

Datan0de finds pumpkin juice!

Datan0de finds Robot Liliput

Pink Coconut Ice in Honeyduke's

Peppermint Toads at Honeyduke's

More Honeyduke's candy

Anklesnake displays the Honeyduke's Chocolate Frogs

Kim & Zensidhe

Chocolate Cauldrons

The Butterbeer vendor

Anklesnake, Zensidhe, Kim, Datan0de, & me in front of the Three Broomsticks Inn

The Owl Post roost

Hog's Head Tavern sign

Inside the Hog's Head Tavern

Inside the Hog's Head Tavern

No, the camera isn't crooked, the walls are!

Kim & Zensidhe in front of Dogweed And Deathcap Exotic Plant Shop

Some exotic plants in the window

More exotic plants in the window

A Mandrake plant

Me resting in the shade on the back patio of the Hog's Head Tavern

The front entrance to the Owl Post

Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop

Some quills in the window

The quill shop interior

Quill shop display

Owl Post sign

Window display

Potage's Cauldron Shop is actually in Diagon Alley in the book, but here in Hogsmeade at WWOHP

Kim & Datan0de peer into a shop window

More of the quill shop interior

Jessie in front of a snowman

The view of Hogwarts from Hogsmeade Village

Hogwarts looms over Hogsmeade Village

The plaque at the entrance

The front door to Hogwarts


The Mirror of Erised

A magic morror that shows the deepest and msot desperate desire of our hearts

Some statue

Zensidhe in front of the statue

The door to the Potions Classroom

Same door, with flash

Spooky grate

Potions Storeroom


Jessie in front of the kitchens, naturally

Zensidhe looking somber

Zensidhe looking silly

The Greenhouse

A mother duck & baby ducklings scurry across the queue line

Hogwarts from outside the Greenhouse

Professor Dumbledore's Tower & Hogwarts

The towers peeking over the greenhouse

Datan0de, Anklesnake, me, Zensidhe

Anklesnake's tummy


The main ride warning sign

Inside the greenhouse

Anklesnake's giraffe tattoo

Anklesnake's giraffe tattoo

Anklesnake's tattoo

Inside the greenhouse

Jessie, Kim, & me in the back

Another statue

House Points

The tally of points each of the 4 houses have won this year

Another statue

The statue & Anklesnake

Approaching the entrance to Dumbledore's Office

Kim poses in front of the Gargoyle guarding the office entrance

A unicorn tapestry

A magical portrait

A map of the Hogwarts grounds

The "magical portraits" show up as black in pictures because they're LCD screens playing video of the portrait subjects

Hall of portraits

Hall of portraits

Some of these portraits talk to the muggles in line & to each other

Kim & Zensidhe in the Hall of Portraits

Dumbledore's Office

Dumbledore speaks to the guests of what's to come next

A 3D projection of Dumbledore makes it feel like we're really in his office

Professor Dumbldore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts School

Stuff in Dumbledore's office

Dumbledore's Pensieve

The Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom

A dragon skeleton

Datan0de presents the 3 main characters of the books

Like Dumbledore, the 3 kids are a 3D projection of the actual actors, speaking to the guests

Kim, Datan0de, & Zensidhe listen to the kids

Ron accidentally makes it snow in the classroom

Much like the magic portraits, it's hard to get a good picture...

because of the nature of photographing video screens & projections

More stuff in the classroom

It's snowing

The Fat Lady's picture frame, that guards the entrance to Gryffindor Tower

The best picture I could get of a "magic" moving portrait

More magic portraits

Zensidhe, Kim, & Datan0de

You can't see the magic portraits at all with the flash

Without flash

The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat chooses which young wizard will go to which school House

The Sorting Hat talks to the guests in line

Unfortunately, my camera's microphone died several months ago, so no audio, but you can see the Sorting Hat's mouth move. This is the last thing you see before boarding the ride

Across from The Sorting Hat is a bulletin board with a magic Newspaper

After the ride, we walk back to Hogsmeade

Jessie being cute

Jessie with a gator hat on

Zensidhe approaches me

The backside of Hogsmeade Village

Jessie bites Kim's braid

Me in the background, Jessie being silly, Zensidhe looks confused, Kim looks annoyed, Anklesnake looks amused

Kim on the Carasousel

Kim on the Carasousel

"No, no, no!" says Kim the Fish

Kim & the Fish

Jessie with Thing hair

Hogsmead at night

Hogsmead at night

Hogsmead at night

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