Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
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This is a music and music videos playlist of songs with secular themes. Some of the songs are covers and not the original artist, usually because the original was not available here. When possible, if the quality was good, I tried to list the original music video, or, barring that, the version with lyrics. If a song was listed twice, it's because the original artist/video was somehow deficient, so I found the next best cover, but I didn't want to leave out the original entirely.

Strictly speaking, any song that doesn't mention a god or gods is an a-theist song. But these are songs that are not just missing a religious theme, they address religion in the negative. These are songs that specifically debunk religion, critique faith, express healthy skepticism, laud doubt, celebrate the natural world, advocate humanist principles, uphold reason, or in one way or another offer a secular orientation that is moral, libratory, valuable, joyous, and vibrant.

The songs complied here offer a variety of irreligious, agnostic, secular, naturalistic, or atheist opinions and perspectives, representing a wide continuum: from the harshly damning to the sublimely happy, from literal debunking to mild innuendo. Some of the songs attack Biblical theology head-on, others merely express a natural love of life. Some express a hearty secular sexuality, others comedic blasphemy. Some express defiance, others transcendental acceptance. Some provide existential wonder at the mystery of being, others a sober frankness concerning the brutal facts of life and death. In some songs, critiquing religion is the heart of each verse and chorus, while in others it is merely the soul of a single line or phrase. In some cases, the title of the song alone warranted inclusion. For some songwriters, merely negating religious dogma is the theme, but for others, expressing a respect for human dignity or a deep love of daily life predominates.

These songs span a VERY wide range of genres. This playlist was inspired by Phil Zuckerman's 65 Greatest Songs For Atheists & Agnostics (for which much of the description was also taken) and by Freedom0f5peech's Atheist Music Channel.

This player only shows the first 45 songs in the playlist, and there is MUCH more. I wish it would list all of them, but there is nothing I can do about that - it's YouTube's limitation. Please visit Atheist Music Video Playlist on YouTube for the rest.

Also, the following song should be in the playlist but YouTube won't let me upload it because they don't honor the "commentary and criticism" clause of the Fair Use Act, nor the "storage in collection or archive" clause of the Fair Use Act (

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