Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between Ask the Inn Keeper to transport you to the Common Room of the Inn Between
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Skeptical & Science-based Podcasts

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A list of the best skeptical, science-based, and/or atheist podcasts. Some of these podcasts fit into more than one category, but I placed them in the category I think of as the main category for the subject matter since Listal only lets me choose one. All of these podcasts can be found through iTunes and most of them offer their episodes directly from their webpage (which can be found on the description page at Listal, or below, on the text-based list).

Skeptical, Science, & Atheist Podcasts at Listal

And for those without flash enabled, a simple list:

For Good Reason
For Good Reason is the interview program hosted by D.J. Grothe, promoting critical thinking and skepticism about the central beliefs of society. Interviews often focus on the paranormal, pseudoscience and the supernatural. Each episode of For Good Reason also features an audio essay by Jamy Ian Swiss, The Honest Liar. The show is produced in association with the James Randi Educational Foundation.
inFact with Brian Dunning is the web video series that gives you the real facts behind popular myths, promoting high-quality information that helps people live better lives.
The Skeptic Zone
Got a mind - and it matters? The latest in podcast and vodcast 'evolution' is here - The Skeptic Zone. Taking the experience and talents of the former hosts of 'The Skeptic Tank', Richard, Stefan, Kylie, Dr Rachie and the team bring to you an hourly show in audio and with additional bonus videos for you to enjoy! There's even more news, views, interviews and even a 'think tank' in a skeptic's pub!
The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is a weekly Podcast talkshow discussing the latest news and topics from the world of the paranormal, fringe science, and controversial claims from a scientific point of view. -The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: Your escape to reality -Produced by the New England Skeptical Society in association with the James Randi Educational Foundation(JREF)
Skeptoid is a weekly science podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture, and replacing them with way cooler reality. Each weekly episode focuses on a single phenomenon - an urban legend, a paranormal claim, alternative therapy, or something just plain stupid - that you've heard of, and that you probably believe in. Skeptoid attempts to expose the folly of belief in non-evidence based phenomena, and more importantly, explains the factual scientific reality. From the sublime to the startling, no topic is sacred, politically incorrect though that may be.

Evolution 101 Podcast
Evolution 101 is a weekly podcast that attempts to answer listener questions and explain evolutionary concepts in layman's terms.
The Naked Scientists
The Naked Scientists - interactive science, medicine and technology weekly live radio show with Cambridge University's Dr Chris Smith. We strip down science and lay the facts bare answering your science questions, interviewing top scientists and catching up with the latest top science news stories.
NOVA scienceNOW
Our podcast offers irreverent stories and introduces intriguing personalities from the world of science. For more content from the producers of NOVA scienceNOW -- and to watch our broadcast series online, visit us at our website.
A podcast review of Quacks, Frauds and Charlatans. Oops. That's not right. That should be Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine i.e. SCAM. Warning: This is not a balanced review. Most, if not all, of CAM is profoundly moronic. There my be two sides to gun control and foreign policy but in the sciences, including the medical sciences, either you have the data or you do not. You don't include flat earth theories in discussions of the geology and you do not include intelligent design in discussions of the origin of life.

I am a member of the "reality based community". Ridicule, bewailing, and scorn are my favorite techniques. I am an arrogant, closed minded, Western trained, tool of the medical industrial complex. And proud of it.

Mr. Deity
Mr. Deity is a web-based comedy series created by Brian Keith Dalton. It takes a light-hearted look at God and religion. Dalton plays the title character, a neurotic god-like figure who prefers to delegate to his assistant Larry rather than do any actual work. Mr. Deity and Larry are also assisted in their work by Jesus, or Jesse as Mr. Deity often calls him. However, he often needs to be bribed to take part! In his down time, Mr. Deity enjoys a tumultuous relationship with the devilish Lucifer, or Lucy for short.
Point of Inquiry
Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry, drawing on CFI's relationship with the leading minds of the day including Nobel Prize-winning scientists, public intellectuals, social critics and thinkers, and renowned entertainers. Each episode combines incisive interviews, features and commentary focusing on CFI's issues: religion, human values and the borderlands of science. Point of Inquiry explores CFI's three research areas: 1. Pseudoscience and the paranormal (Bigfoot, UFOs, psychics, communication with the dead, cryptozoology, etc.); 2. Alternative medicine (faith healing, homeopathy, "healing touch", the efficacy of prayer, etc.); 3. Religion, humanism, and secularism (church-state separation, the effects and proper role of religion in society, the future of secularism and nonbelief, etc.)
The Non Prophets
The Non Prophets is a live internet radio show airing on on alternate Saturdays from 2 PM to 3:30 PM Central (19:00-20:30 UTC).
Reasonable Doubts Podcast
Reasonable Doubts takes an informative and humorous look at religion from a freethinking perspective; offering news and commentary of interest to skeptics, atheists, agnostics, humanists, courageous religious believers looking for a challenge and freethinkers of all persuasions. In addition to interviewing the top minds in skepticism, RD offers regular segments on counter-apologetics, biblical criticism, creationism intelligent design and church state issues. RD also examines the psychology of religion, reviewing recent and exciting research you won't hear about anywhere else. Tune in for a hard-hitting critique of religion balanced by plenty of humor, a fair-minded attitude and a commitment to critical thinking.

Reasonable Doubts...for those who won't just take things on faith.

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