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For The Media

I am available to be contacted by the various forms of media for stories, articles, TV shows, etc. on polyamory. I am willing to use my real name and image on camera. You can contact me at for interviews and quotes.

Short bio:
Joreth was born in 1977 and discovered the word "polyamory" back in 1998 when it suddenly dawned on her that she was terrible at monogamy. She has since become a poly community organizer, a poly activist, a poly advice columnist, a poly movie reviewer, a media trainer and lecturer on polyamory and intersectional topics, Chairman of Media Acquisitions for the Polyamory Archive Collection at the Kinsey Institute Library, and a formidable internet flame warrior focusing on defending ethics and the values of polyamory and poly relationships. Her current network configuration is that of a sprawling inclusive poly web that spans 3 countries on 2 continents, in which Joreth practices solo poly with several deeply intimate long-term partners. Joreth's uses female pronouns like "she" and "her" but male titles like sir and cameraman (her profession), however male pronouns are also acceptable while female titles are not. Her gender identity is complex, so ask her about it if you're curious.

Extended bio:
Joreth has three long-term partners.  Her life partner, Franklin Veaux, co-author of More Than Two and The Game Changer, has been with her for more than a decade (since November, 2004) and is also available to be contacted by the media.  She has anywhere between 2 and 6 partners total, depending on how you define "partner". Franklin has approximately 4 partners currently (including Joreth).

Joreth has been very active in local and regional poly communities and the online poly community for many years: serving on staff for the Florida Poly Retreat; creating and organizing the Orlando Poly Group for 3 years; founding the Polyamory Media Association and now giving communication and media training workshops around the country; occasionally co-hosting the Poly Weekly podcast and also as a content contributor as her alter ego, Miss Poly Manners (an etiquette advice column); hosting her own podcast for Poly Movie Reviews; serving as one of the founding directors for the Relationship Equality Foundation, a non-profit organization creating awareness, education, and outreach for social and political equality for all relationship styles; and serving as Chairman of Media Acquisitions for the Polyamory Archive Collection at the Kinsey Institute Library.

More publicity photos and bios can be provided upon request. Arrangements to take videos or photos for your media event, and / or to schedule group interviews with some partners and even some metamours can be made upon request.

Joreth has had the following media appearances:




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