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I am often asked to speak at conventions, workshops, schools, organizations, and other events on a wide variety of subjects. I can speak about polyamory and relationships from a number of different angles, and as I get time, I will upload videos of those presentations here. If you would like for me to come to your organization and speak about polyamory or any other subject, please contact me. Below are a list of topics I have spoken on in the past. I can give a talk or workshop on one of these subjects, personalized for your organization or community, or I can speak on other topics not listed here.

  • Poly-related handouts - Handouts & materials that you can print and use yourself. Handouts associated with specific talks are located on that talk's individual page.
  • The History of Partner Dancing (and the history of its music)
    • the history of each / one specific partner dance
  • How To Partner Dance (general or a specific dance style)
  • How To Choose A Dance Style To Learn
  • Dance Shoes And Which Ones To Buy First
  • The Misconceptions of MBTI And How To Use It
  • The Winchester Mystery House
  • Theatrical Lighting 101
  • Life As A Career Stagehand
  • Tablecloth Circle Skirt Construction
  • How To Make Rewearable Liquid Latex Outfits & Boots (interactive workshop)
  • Cosplay Your Way - how to tailor your costuming and cosplay to match YOU - your values, your aesthetic, your preferences, your needs, your challenges
  • Closet / Casual Cosplay - what is it and how to do it
  • Genderbending in Cosplay - what is it and how to do it
  • Vaccines - the science, the history, the scandals
  • Pockets Are Political
  • The Politics of Fashion In European & American History
  • What Is And Is Not Actual Fashion In The Victorian Era...
    • the Edwardian era
    • the 1920s (no fringe!)
    • pre-WWII
    • the 1950s
  • White Appropriation of Black Culture In Music
  • How "I Like Everything But Rap & Country" Is Racist Propaganda
  • The Interconnectedness of Music Genres
  • You Probably Don't "Hate Country Music" Because You Probably Don't Even Know What It Is
  • How American Politics & Racism Influenced Music Which Influenced Dance Which Influenced Music Which Influenced Politics...
  • Cholo Culture
  • The Chicano Movement
  • How The Chicano Movement Led To Cholo Culture
  • The Role O fWomen In Either The Chicano Movement or Cholo Culture
  • The Actual Zoot Suit Riots




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