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When a subculture crops up, one of the things that separates it from a fad is the art that is created and that celebrates or addresses that subculture. One of the things that prevents that subculture from dying out is the art and entertainment that is produced by or for that subculture. One of the things that turns something into a culture is its art and entertainment. Music, stories and fables, paintings, books, movies, sculpture, theatrical performances - all these things contribute to taking a group of people with a common interest and making them into a culture.

Living in a mono-centric world, also called a mono-privileged or couple privileged world, makes it difficult to find art and entertainment to support or celebrate non-monogamous philosophies, worldviews, lifestyles, principles, and practices. But we do occasionally manage to produce our own art. I have broken up art and entertainment into three categories where we can find references to something resembling polyamory that poly folk can relate to:

  • Poly-ish Movies - This will take you to my Poly-ish Movie Reviews website and a list of movies that I have personally watched and verified for some kind of poly content, along with another, much longer, list of movies that other people around the internet have at some time or another suggested as a "poly movie". I used to maintain the same list here on this website, but it got too difficult to remember to update both pages equally so I'm only going to maintain the one page now. It will open a new tab so you will not lose this page if you click the link to visit that page.
  • Poly Music - Music in particular is an area of art and entertainment that likes to explore the subject of romance and sex. This page includes an embedded YouTube playlist with as many poly songs as I could find on YouTube. This means that there may be other songs out there somewhere but they're not included only because no one uploaded a YT video. If you know of a poly song that you think should be included, let me know.
  • Poly Books - A large percentage of the poly community found their way to polyamory by way of a book called Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. Polyamory in books is both more ubiquitous and also more difficult to find, simply because of the sheer number of books that exist in the world and it's impossible to keep up with every single mention of anything poly-like in all the genres of fiction or biography or education on the subject. Here are a list of all the books that I'm aware of that are about or that include something like polyamory.




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