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Here is a list of books with polyamory, polyamorous themes, open-relationship themes, or relationship skills that apply to poly relationships. I have not read all of these books, so I don't vouch for their quality. If I do get around to reading one of these books & discover it's not really poly, I'll remove it from the list.

The books I have read are reviewed on my blog at http://joreth.dreamwidth.org/tag/reviews (books). The complete list of books as I'm aware of them can be found on my Listal Poly Books page. I have also included a simple text-based table of books here.

By the way, if you purchase any of these books from Amazon by clicking on the links from this website, I will receive a small amount, so if you're interested in buying any of these books anyway, you will be helping to support me and this site by following the links from here, without costing you any additional money. Your support is greatly appreciated.

More Than Two by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert
A practical guide to ethical polyamory. This wide-ranging resource explores the often-complex world of living polyamorously: the nuances, the relationship options, the myths, and the expectations. This is the Innkeeper's one and only reference guide I recommend anymore!
The Game Changer by Franklin Veaux
To make an open marriage work, Franklin and Celeste knew they needed to make sure no one else ever came between them. That meant there had to be rules. The rules did not prepare them for Amber. A game-changing relationship is one that uproots and redirects your life. It overthrows your assumptions about who you are and why. It awakens you to possibilities you d never conceived of. It disrupts. And it is the unspoken elephant in the attractive showroom of polyamorous relationships. This book is the true story of a game-changing relationship that changed not only Franklin and Celeste's lives, but the face of the modern polyamory movement.
8 Things I Wish I'd Known About Polyamory Before I Tried It And Frakked It Up by Cunning Minx
This book seeks to demystify the basics of healthy, consensual non-monogamy by sharing the lessons learned from both Minx and thousands of podcast listeners who have built successful polyamorous relationships.
The Polyamorists Next Door by Dr. Elisabeth Sheff
In colorful and moving details, this book explores how polyamorous relationships come to be, grow and change, manage the ins and outs of daily family life, and cope with the challenges they face both within their families and from society at large. Using polyamorists' own words, Dr. Elisabeth Sheff examines polyamorous households and reveals their advantages, disadvantages, and the daily lives of those living in them.
Stories From The Polycule edited by Dr. Elisabeth Sheff
The first of its kind, this anthology brings together stories, poems, drawings and essays created by real people living in polycules.
Ask Me About Polyamory: The Best of Kimchi Cuddles by Tikva wolf
A hilarious and touching comic about polyamory, queer, and genderqueer issues. If your relationships or your gender are unconventional, you'll find useful advice and plenty of laughs in this compilation of the wildly popular webcomic Kimchi Cuddles. Quirky, endearing and charmingly (and sometimes painfully) realistic characters, many based on real people, explore polyamory, queer and genderqueer issues. Covering practical matters like time management and serious topics like discrimination, this book unites the best of two years of Kimchi Cuddles comics, organized into a practical and entertaining guide to the real world of alternative relationships.
Love, Retold by Tikva wolf
Tikva Wolf has witnessed love transcend and evolve beyond the rigid, traditionalist trappings of the fairy-tale romance. Love, Retold is a meditation on love and companionship for people who don't remember feudalism. Each chapter explores Wolf's experiences with loved ones - Wolf's lovers and their lovers. The stories capture key moments in these relationships, and they reflect on the murkier, tenebrous aspects of love, especially - but not exclusively - the non-monogamous kind. These stories illuminate and revere uncertainty, confronting the realities of mismatched needs and desires with compassion and self-reflection. In a world obsessed with beginnings and endings, this is a book about middles.
Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha
In the tradition of the best historical and scientific writing, Sex at Dawn unapologetically upends unwarranted assumptions and unfounded conclusions while offering a revolutionary understanding of why we live and love as we do.
The Myth Of Monogamy: Fidelity & Infidelity In Animals And People by David P. Barash, Ph.D. and Judith Eve Lipton
Shattering deeply held beliefs about sexual relationships in humans and other animals, The Myth of Monogamy is a much needed treatment of a sensitive issue. Written by the husband and wife team of behavioral scientist David P. Barash and psychiatrist Judith Eve Lipton, it glows with wit and warmth even as it explores decades of research undermining traditional precepts of mating rituals.
Opening Up by Tristan Taormino
Relationship expert and bestselling author Tristan Taormino offers a bold new strategy for creating loving, lasting relationships. Drawing on in-depth interviews with over a hundred women and men, Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships explores the real-life benefits and challenges of all styles of open relationships--from partnered nonmonogamy to solo polyamory.
Open by Jenny Block
Finally, a book about open marriage that grapples with the problems surrounding monogamy and fidelity in an honest, heartfelt, and non-fringe manner. Jenny Block is your average girl next door, a suburban wife and mother for whom married life never felt quite right. ...[She] presents one woman's journey down an uncertain path that ultimately proves open marriage is a viable option for her and others.
Adieux: A Farewell To Sarte by Simone de Beauvoir
De Beauvoir was John Paul Sartre's closet friend, his intellectual companion, and, intermittently, his lover, from his early twenties until his death. It is she who tells his story in Adieux. Sartre openly discusses his relationships with women-a subject which seems to pain De Beauvoir even now; his ugliness; his fear of passion. And in one of the most moving passages in Adieux, De Beauvoir anticipates Sartre's death.
Ain't Nobody's Busines If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country by Peter McWilliams
A refresher course on rights and personal freedom. What is your position on prostitution, pornography, gambling and other victimless crimes? This book will make readers consider their rights and the rights of others in a more humanistic and caring way.
Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Monogamy, Adultery and Divorce (1992) by Helen Fisher
Why do we fall in love? Romping through evolution, addressing a broad spectrum of species & a huge variety of cultures, Fisher casts her investigative net from the tundras of Siberia to the jungles of Amazonia in her examination of the physical & psychological phenomena of love. Enlightening & entertaining, lucid & learned, Anatomy of Love is a reminder that our Western culture is but the latest fascinating design on an ancient blueprint called the mating game. Fun & delightful to read, offering an abundance of fascinating facts new even to somebody well versed in the minutiae of animal behavior. Unravels this ancient saga of love, abandonment & renewed desire with a vulgar gusto that makes her scholarly investigation immensely readable.
Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray (2016) by Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
Love at first sight...the copulatory gaze...dinner dates...jealousy... intimacy... homesexuality...infidelity...Dr.Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at the American Museum of Natural History, explains it all in this four-million-year history of the human species. She demystifies much about romance and pairing that we tend to believe is willfull or just plain careless. She offers new explanations for why men and women fall in love, marry, and divorce, and discusses the future of sex in a way that will surprise you.
The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory by Francoise Simpere
A guide for adventurous couples in an exploration of a more open relationship. The idea of open relationships seduces more and more men and women who wish to foster a healthy partnership while maintaining multiple lovers. The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory helps couples who want to better understand, or to begin an exploration of, the emotional, sexual, and intellectual mores of polyamory.
Becoming Partners: Marriage & Its Alternatives by Carl R. Rogers
An exploration and discussion of the relationship between man and woman. Couples talk about the intimate details of their relationship and express their innermost feelings. Carl Rogers is the innovator of "client-centred" therapy. In this book he takes an objective position.
Beyond Marriage And The Nuclear Family by Robert Thamm
No summary available
Beyond Monogamy: Lessons From Long-Term Male Couples In Non-Monogamous Relationships by Lanz Lowen, Blake Spears
Although non-monogamy is prevalent in the gay community, information about how couples navigate this terrain is surprisingly lacking. As a long-term couple (36 years) we had experienced ups and downs and an on-going evolution in our approach to living in a non-monogamous relationship. We were curious about the experience of others and assumed many long-term couples might offer valuable perspectives and hard-earned lessons. The study summarizes data from the 86 couples we interviewed and provides many verbatim quotes illustrating themes, issues and things to consider. The information is most helpful for couples considering opening their relationship or couples struggling with issues related to non-monogamy.
Beyond Monogamy: Polyamory and the Future of Polyqueer Sexualities by Mimi Schippers
Through an investigation of sexual interactions and relationship forms that include more than two people, from polyamory, to threesomes, to the complexity of the 'down-low,' Schippers explores the queer, feminist, and anti-racist potential of non-dyadic sex and relationships. A serious look at the intersections of society and sexuality, Beyond Monogamy takes the reader on a compelling and accessible journey through compulsory monogamy, polyamory, and polyqueer sex and relationships.
Beyond Monogamy: Recent Studies of Sexual Alternatives in Marriage by Professor James R. Smith
Recent studies of sexual alternatives in marriage.
Border Sexualities: Border Families In Schools by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
The first book of its kind internationally, Border Sexualities, Border Families in Schools explores the experiences of bisexual students, mixed sexual orientation families, and polyamorous families in schools. For the first time, a book foregrounds the voices and experiences of these students and families who are _falling into the gaps_ or on the borders of a school's gay/straight divide in anti-homophobia policies and programs, and schools recognising families as meaning either heterosexual couples, or, increasingly, homosexual couples.
Breaking the Barriers to Desire: Polyamory, Polyfidelity and Non-monogamy - New Approaches to Multiple Relationships editied by Kevin Lano
Polyamory and non-monogamy, whilst increasingly acknowledged aspects of relationships, have not yet been accepted as valid alternative ways of living. This book will aim to show that 'responsible non-monogamy' can be both a positive choice at a personal level and a radicalising current in society, providing a true alternative to the dependence and exclusion of traditional monogamy, and the lack of responsibility and honesty in covert non-monogamy.
The Diary of Anais Nin by Anais Nin
A naturalized American citizen (she was born in France), Anaïs Nin was a modernist writer of short stories and novels. Her sexually explicit journals and her correspondence with her lover, the American writer Henry Miller, led to her popular resurgence in the 1970s as a feminist icon and a literary figure of the avant-garde.
The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy
For 20 years The Ethical Slut has dispelled myths and showed curious readers how to maintain a successful polyamorous lifestyle through open communication, emotional honesty, and safer sex practices. The third edition of this timeless guide to communication and sex has been revised to include interviews with poly millennials (young people who have grown up without the prejudices their elders encountered regarding gender, orientation, sexuality, and relationships), tributes to poly pioneers, and new sidebars on topics such as asexuality, sex workers, and ways polys can connect and thrive. The authors also include new content addressing nontraditional relationships beyond the polyamorous paradigm of "more than two": couples who don't live together, couples who don't have sex with each other, nonparallel arrangements, couples with widely divergent sex styles, power disparities, and cross-orientation relationships, while utilizing nonbinary gender language and new terms that have come into common usage since the last edition.
Group Marriage: "Marriages" of Three Or More People, How And When They Work by Larry L. and Joan M. Constantine
Summary not available
Heavenly Breakfast: An Essay on the Winter of Love by Samuel R. Delany
Memoir: Life in an urban commune, 1967-68 NYC
The Husband Swap by Louisa Leontiades
An extraordinary memoir from an ordinary woman who challenges the monogamous mindset of her society to pursue a utopia of limitless love.
Intimate Friendships by James Ramey
This book analyzes all forms of human intimate relationships, from monogamy, to monogamy with adultery, to polygyny, polyandry and group relationships. It was written in the late 1970s before the current wave of politically correct constraints were imposed on original thinking. It is hard to deny his hypotheses and therefore his conclusions. As you recognize yourself then you can best understand what kind of relationship will best suit you. This book should have a wider audience.
The Jealousy Workbook by Kathy Labriola
Between these covers you will find forty-two exercises with supporting text, developed by a professional relationship counselor and refined by hundreds of clients trying to find their own paths through jealousy.
Just Friends: The Role of Friendship in Our Lives by Lillian B. Ruben
An exploration of the role of friendship in men's and women's lives.
Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Values by Sarah Lucia Hoagland
Hoagland presents with clarity, refreshing hope, and conviction the idea that it is indeed possible to have authentic, free, loving, and equal relationships between human beings, relationships that are simply not based on domination and submission. Her goal is "moral revolution", "a conceptual framework, a new paradigm, in which oppression is not automatic - where rape, pogroms, slavery, lynchings, and colonialism are not even _conceivable_."
The Lesbian Polyamory Reader by Marcia Munson and Judith Stelboum
You'll quickly discover that the steps toward love and happiness are as easy as 1, 2, 3, and maybe even 4 or 5. And you'll find that if your own lesbian relationship lies outside the "traditional monogamous couple" model, you're definitely not alone. You'll explore many multifaceted and multifarious love relationships, each one applicable to your own liking, if you so choose. You'll find successful models of relationship styles--regardless of your own orientation--from cover to cover, and you'll discover the pleasing polyphony in the many, many female voices of authorities on love and love relationships.
Lesbian Polyfidelity: A Pleasure Guide for the Woman Whose Heart Is Open to Multiple, Concurrent Sexualoves, or How to Keep Non-Monogamy Safe, Sane, & Consensual by Celeste West
Ever wonder where all the lesbian feminists have gone? Here is one answer. The author of Lesbian Polyfidelity dares to love outside the lines of monogamy and has generously provided suggestions for those who are trying to navigate honest love lives that respect each woman's differing needs.
Love Alternatively Expressed by Zoe Duff
The story of a woman who, along with her partners, has been a Canadian public face for the cause of legal recognition for the loving poly (polyamory)families who raise healthy children in homes where many adults share one love.
Love in Abundance by Kathy Labriola
Beyond the basics of polyamory lies a complex web of negotiations, agreements, pitfalls and rewards.
Love Unlimited by Leonie Linssen and Stephan Wik
Based on the case studies of 12 actual couples and individuals who are grappling with the complexities and challenges of "responsible nonmonogamy," this helpful resource delves into various types of open relationships.
Loving More by Ryam Nearing
The Polyfidelity Primer.
Many Hearts, Many Loves, Many Possibilities by Christina Parker
This book provides a powerful tool for everyone seeking to look beyond their fears, fantasies, and stereotypes and step into the reality of polyamory relationships whether they are just taking their first steps on that journey or are experienced travelers.
Marriage and Other Alternatives: Exploring Intimate Relationships by Rober W. Libby
Sociologists, psychologists, and family therapists discuss traditional monogamous marriage, alternative avenues to intimacy such as open and group marriage, and the influence of changing life-styles on and the future of intimate relationships.
Marriage and Morals by Bertrand Russell
The fireworks fly when the great Bertrand Russell writes about a subject as provocative as marriage and morals. But they are a rational and devastatingly logical kind of fireworks . . . for that was the nature of the man. Russell's approach to sex and love is based on the realities of need and desire, rather than on ancient tribal and religious taboos. Marriage and Morals is a clear, unbiased look at morality, a morality that is simply one aspect of Russell's lifelong opposition to restrictive dogma and an affirmation of his unshakeable faith in the adequacy of man and the power of human intellect.
The Motion of Light in Water by Samuel R. Delany
Sex and science fiction writing in the East Village. An offbeat literary autobiography, where the writer's first years as an author in the early 1960s East Village scene of New York provide the setting for his story.
The New Faithful: A Polyfidelity Primer by Ryam Nearing
A Polyfidelity Primer
The New Intimacy: Open-Ended Marriage and Alternative Lifestyles by Ronald Mazur
The close of the 20th century has witnessed the minority status of the traditional family in America. On the threshold of a new millennium, now is an opportune and urgent time to give voice to the intimacies of alternative lifestyles, including open marriage. Traditional monogamy is still the prize for countless adults searching for meaning and love in their lives. That search is honored by myriad religious and societal supports. It is to non-traditionalists, to those ready for new life and love affirmations, that this book is offered with joy.
Not Your Mother's Playground by Samantha Fraser
A realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy open relationships is a how-to guide for navigating today's very different world of modern-day non-monogamy.
One Big Happy Family by Rebecca Walker
An unabashed celebration of love in all its diversity and complexity, One Big Happy Family is destined to become a definitive text on the modern American family, featuring essays by prominent voices.
Oneida: Utopian Community to Modern Corporation by Maren Lockwood Carden
This volume describes how the initiation of young girls into the sexual practices of the commune became a major source of conflict. The study appraises information about the history, practices, organization, and principles of Oneida.
Open All The Way by Sadie Smythe
Sadie, in her straightforward style, discusses openly and honestly the numerous pitfalls she and her husband encountered along the way while intellectually and entertainingly supporting her choices.
Open Fidelity by Anna Sharman
An A-Z Guide
Open Love: The Complete Guide to Open Relationships, Polyamory, and More by Axel Neustädter
This book is a guide to the freedom and joy of alternative relationships. At the same time, it offers words of caution about excessive expectations and the pitfalls that can lead to disappointment and failure in free love.
Open Marriage by Nena and George O'Neill
The classic that revolutionized the way Americans see marriage. In every decade, no more than a handful of books can truly said to have influenced the world around them. Open marriage is one of that handful. In the years ofllowing its explosive publication in 1972, it sold nearly hour million copies and changed the perception of marriage of an entire generation both in the U.S. and abroad. Many of the precepts that made up its argument, while revolutionary at the time, have become tenents by which we live today.
Open Marriage edited by Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, & Susan F. Marseken
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Open Marriage, Marriage, Adultery, Infidelity, Open Marriage Styles, George O'Neill, Open Relationship, Polyamory, Open Marriage Relationship
Pagan Polyamory by Raven Kaldera
Presenting a fascinating peek inside the polyamorous lifestyle from a Pagan perspective, Raven Kaldera offers practical insight and spiritual depth into a vastly misunderstood way of life.
Polyamory by Jack Peachum
Polyamory is many loves. Jack Peachum is a Virginia writer, widely published on both the internet and in the print media. His poetry is often traditional in approach, though not in subject matter, borrowing heavily from a variety of sources.
Polyamory and Pregnancy by Jessica Burde
The first complete guide to pregnancy in polyamorous relationships, Polyamory and Pregnancy covers every step of welcoming a new life into your polycule.
Polyamory Communication Survival Kit by Robert McGarey, M.A.
Experiential exercises are included in each section to help you practice using each tool and understand it more clearly. You'll also learn how to use these tools in practical situations.
The Polyamory Handbook by Peter J. Bensen
In these pages you'll find guidance about - what polyamory is and is not; communication, conflict resolution, and emotional growth; ethical considerations; sexual hygiene; children; wills, discrimination, and legal hassles; and much more. Whether you are well experienced with polyamory, or new at it, or curious about it, you'll find answers here, all conveniently arranged in numbered sections for easy reference.
Polyamory In The 21st Century by Deborah Anapol
Unlike other books on this topic, Polyamory in the 21st Cenutry weaves together research and facts to provide an informed and impartial analysis of polyamory as a lifestyle and as a movement, and to place it in a psychosocial as well as an historical context. Anecdotes and personal experiences allow the reader to develop a better understanding of polyamory and the people who practice and enjoy it.
Polyamory Many Loves: The Poly-Tantric Lovestyle: A personal account by Janet Kira Lessin
POLYAMORY, MANY LOVES, The Polytantric Lovestyle, A Personal Account, by Janet Kira Lessin will challenge, delight, satisfy, amuse and entertain you. Join Janet in her juicy journey of sacred sexuality in Polyamory, Many Loves. She explores pair dating, a woman/man/woman threesome, man/woman/man triads, quatrads, networks, and finally, a polyamorous pod. Janet shares her innermost thoughts, feelings, spiritual epiphanies and erotic experiences as she learns the ways of many-lover loving with increasing skill and grace. Her trials and triumphs teach all who would tread the path of polyamory. Janet's amorous experiments lead her to blend All-Chakra Tantra--her variety of sacred loving--with polyamory--relating to contemporaneous multiple lovers.
Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits : Secrets of Sustainable Intimate Relationships by Dr. Deborah M. Anapol
This book is a valuable guide for the establishing and nurturing of healthy intimate relationships that are responsibly nonmonogamous, and a valuable resource for educators and counsellors working in the fields of sexual, mental and emotional health.
Polyamory:Roadmaps For The Clueless And Hopeful by Anthony Ravenscroft
Tony Ravenscroft leaves behind the speculation, the guesswork, and the Utopianism that only confuse the discussion. Polyamory: Roadmaps for the Clueless & Hopeful begins from the absolute basics of intimate relationships, and clearly lays out the pitfalls and problems that await everyone who embarks upon this difficult and highly rewarding way of life.
PoMoSexuals edited by Carol Queen & Lawrence Schimel
Challenging assumptions about gender and sexuality.
Power Circuits: Polyamory In A Power Dynamic by Raven Kaldera
Power Circuits is an alliance between two alternative lifestyles: polyamory, or multiple open and honest romantic relationships; and power dynamics, relationships that choose to be consciously and deliberately unequal in power, such as dominant/submissive or master/slave.
Redefining Our Relationships by Wendy-O Matik
Put together your own version of an ideal relationship, embrace the full capacity of your heart to express love, redefine the potential of a friendship, imagine a thousand ways to make love to yourself and to anyone else you care about.
Rewriting The Rules by Meg-John Barker
Rewriting the Rules is a friendly guide through the complicated - and often contradictory - rules of love: the advice that is given about attraction and sex, monogamy and conflict, gender and commitment.
The Sex And Love Handbook by Kris A. Heinlein and Rozz M. Heinlein
Make way for the next sexual revolution! Plenty of books describe the mechanics of sex but barely scratch the surface. The Sex and Love Handbook explores the most sensual sexual organ: the human brain. Explore the emotions, philosophies, risks and rewards of reaching toward your next sexual level. Nothing is out of bounds except dishonesty and hypocrisy. Learn how to be more fulfilled and to better fulfill your lover(s). Discover the ultimate sexual YOU, and make it a reality.
Sex, Sin and Zen by Brad Warner
With his one-of-a kind blend of autobiography, pop culture, and plainspoken Buddhism, Brad Warner explores an A-to-Z of sexual topics - from masturbation to dating, gender identity to pornography. In addition to approaching sexuality from a Buddhist perspective, he looks at Buddhism - emptiness, compassion, karma - from a sexual vantage. Throughout, he stares down the tough questions: Can prostitution be a right livelihood? Can a good spiritual master also be really, really bad? And ultimately, what's love got to do with any of it? While no puritan when it comes to non-vanilla sexuality, Warner offers a conscious approach to sexual ethics and intimacy - real-world wisdom for our times.
The Ship That Sailed into the Living Room: Sex and Intimacy Reconsidered by Sonia Johnson
Sonia Johnson's take on relationships told through the perpective of her own lesbian relationship and applicable to everyone. It's central metaphor and concomitant stories implicitly entail the concept of differentiation--a necessary and healthy alternative to the two broadest mistakes we swing between in relationships--enmeshment and expectation on the one hand to distancing, dissociation, and closing the heart on the other.
Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life
Spiritual Polyamory is a powerful, groundbreaking work, certain to intrigue, challenge and stimulate members of both the "poly-curious" and polyamorous communities. Mystic Life takes you on a journey into honesty, awareness and self-exploration. You will be encouraged to explore your true beliefs about love, jealousy, sex and letting go of control. This book will help you to open your mind and heart to a fresh approach to intimacy which transcends fear and releases you into a world of unbound peace and joy.
Three in Love: Ménages à Trois from Ancient to Modern Times by Michael Foster & Letha Hadady
If longevity is the proof and ménages à trois is the pudding, then Three in Love is an appropriate recipe for this classically suspect concoction. Claiming that their own 16-year relationship is as valid an arrangement as marriage, the authors offer their defense with a mild dose of psychology amidst examples of famous threesomes--the more familiar (Lord Nelson and the Hamiltons, June & Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin) as well as some surprises.
The Threelationship Handbook: A Single Woman's Guide to Dating a Couple by Penelope Badger
Everyone is familiar with the term ménage à trois, but few know that it is doesn’t mean a quick and tawdry fling between three lovers. The term actually translates to "household of three", meaning three people who are romantically and sexually involved with one another have built a home together. If you are a woman who has ever wondered what it would be like to date a man and a woman at the same time, then this is for you. If you are a bisexual woman tired of having to choose between men and women, then this is definitely for you! You will learn the different kinds of relationship options available to you, the specific benefits and ins and outs of threelationships, as well as methods to clear any roadblocks you may encounter on your journey.
Threesomes: Studies in Sex, Power, and Intimacy by Arno Karlen
Based on 50 interview subjects, 200 informants, and 150 swingers, Threesomes provides anecdotal descriptions of sexual threesomes. In addition to the anecdotal material, there is some discussion of antecedents to a desire for this type of sexual expression. The scant literature on this topic is reviewed and a bibliography is provided, as is an appendix with details on research method and data. For libraries with extensive collections of human sexuality.
Thy Neighbor's Wife by Gay Talese
When first published, Gay Talese's 1981 groundbreaking work, Thy Neighbor's Wife, shocked a nation with its powerful, eye-opening revelations about the sexual activities and proclivities of the American public in the era before AIDS. A marvel of journalistic courage and craft, the book opened a window into a new world built on a new moral foundation, carrying the reader on a remarkable journey from the Playboy Mansion to the Supreme Court, to the backyards and bedrooms of suburbia - through the development of the porn industry, the rise of the "swinger" culture, the legal fight to define obscenity, and the daily sex lives of "ordinary" people. It is the book that forever changed the way Americans look at themselves and one another.
Understanding Non-Monogamies edited by Meg-John Barker & Darren Langdridge
Most social scientific work on intimate relationships has assumed a monogamous structure, or has considered anything other than monogamy only in the context of 'infidelity'. Yet, in recent years there has been a growing interest among researchers and the public in exploring various patterns of intimacy that involve open non-monogamy. This volume gathers contributions from academics, activists, and practitioners throughout the world to explore non-monogamous relationships. Featuring both empirical and theoretical pieces, contributors examine the history and cultural basis of various forms of non-monogamy, experiences of non-monogamous living, psychological understandings of relationship patterns, language and emotion, the discursive construction of mono-normativity as well as issues of race, class, disability, sexuality and gender. This volume will be of interest to academics and practitioners working in the social sciences and anyone who is seeking greater insight into the intricacies of non-monogamous relationships.
What Does Polyamory Look Like? by Dr. Mim Chapman
Finally, a book that explores what it truly means to be polyamorous by exploring the wonderful variety of poly relationships. Only through understanding poly's innate diversity can one grasp what open relationships can offer.
What's Love Got to Do with It? by Meredith Small
In this refreshingly down-to-earth exploration of human mating and sexuality, an acclaimed anthropologist looks at the fascinating intersection between the imperatives of our glands and genes, and the culture in which we live. Why do we fall in love with the people we do? Is there an alternative, more feminist, way to interpret traditional human sexual biology and evolution? These are but a few of the questions that anthropologist Meredith Small explores in her compelling book on human mating, What's Love Got to Do with It?
Wide Open: My Adventures in Polyamory, Open Marriage, and Loving on My Own Terms by Gracie X
At a time when society no longer imposes many sexual taboos, why is open marriage still considered beyond the pale? Written by Gracie X, Wide Open is an enthusiastic, honest, and sometimes raw account of one woman’s experience living polyamorously within the context of her average American family.
Without Sin: The Life and Death of the Oneida Community by Spencer Klaw
Working with the unpublished letters and diaries of Oneida's own members, Klaw has produced a fascinating study of religion, morals, and utopian idealism--"a sympathetic but shrewd account of one of America's most successful--and most sexually obsessed--religious cults".

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
After many years of counseling, Dr. Chapman noticed a pattern: everyone he had ever counseled had a "love language," a primary way of expressing and interpreting love. He also discovered that, for whatever reason, people are usually drawn to those who speak a different love language than their own. Of the countless ways we can show love to one another, five key categories, or five love languages, proved to be universal and comprehensive - everyone has a love language, and we all identify primarily with one of the five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.
The Five Love Languages For Singles by Gary Chapman
This useful guide takes the foundation from The Five Love Languages and expands to discuss how people express and feel love from people who are not their romantic partners. This is particularly helpful for polyamorous people to better communicate with metamours and family.
Love And Limerence by Dorothy Tennov
This book offers insight into love, infatuation, madness, and all flavors of emotion in between.
Just Your Type by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger
Are men and women from different planets, or is it Personality Type, not gender, that rules the way they relate? The foremost experts in Personality Type, Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger provide fresh insight into the mysteries of love. Drawing from years of experience as well as groundbreaking research, the authors offer an individualized approach to improving your love life: they help you figure out which of the 16 personality types best describes you and your partner; reveal the rewards and frustrations of your type combination; identify the essential aspects of a good relationship for each type; provide the best advice about communicating with your mate, and much more.
Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey
For the past twenty years Keirsey has continued to investigate personality differences -- to refine his theory of the four temperaments and to define the facets of character that distinguish one from another. His findings form the basis of Please Understand Me II, an updated and greatly expanded edition of the book, far more comprehensive and coherent than the original, and yet with much of the same easy accessibility. ... Please Understand Me II begins with The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, the most used personality inventory in the world. But also included is The Keirsey Four-Types Sorter, a new short questionnaire that identifies one's basic temperament and then ranks one's second, third, and fourth choices. Share this new sorter with friends and family, and get set for a lively and fascinating discussion of personal styles.

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