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Here is a list of books with polyamory, polyamorous themes, open-relationship themes, or relationship skills that apply to poly relationships. I have not read all of these books, so I don't vouch for their quality. If I do get around to reading one of these books & discover it's not really poly, I'll remove it from the list.

The books I have read are reviewed on my blog at tag/reviews%20(books). Unfortunately, the really neat flash widget doesn't display all the books in the list, but you can either scroll down to see the full text-based list, or view them all at the list website.

Polyamory Books at Listal

And for those without flash enabled, a simple list:

Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha
In the tradition of the best historical and scientific writing, Sex at Dawn unapologetically upends unwarranted assumptions and unfounded conclusions while offering a revolutionary understanding of why we live and love as we do.
The Myth Of Monogamy: Fidelity & Infidelity In Animals And People by David P. Barash, Ph.D. and Judith Eve Lipton
Shattering deeply held beliefs about sexual relationships in humans and other animals, The Myth of Monogamy is a much needed treatment of a sensitive issue. Written by the husband and wife team of behavioral scientist David P. Barash and psychiatrist Judith Eve Lipton, it glows with wit and warmth even as it explores decades of research undermining traditional precepts of mating rituals.
Opening Up by Tristan Taormino
Relationship expert and bestselling author Tristan Taormino offers a bold new strategy for creating loving, lasting relationships. Drawing on in-depth interviews with over a hundred women and men, Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships explores the real-life benefits and challenges of all styles of open relationships--from partnered nonmonogamy to solo polyamory.
Open by Jenny Block
Finally, a book about open marriage that grapples with the problems surrounding monogamy and fidelity in an honest, heartfelt, and non-fringe manner. Jenny Block is your average girl next door, a suburban wife and mother for whom married life never felt quite right. ...[She] presents one woman's journey down an uncertain path that ultimately proves open marriage is a viable option for her and others.
Adieux: A Farewell To Sarte by Simone de Beauvoir
De Beauvoir was John Paul Sartre's closet friend, his intellectual companion, and, intermittently, his lover, from his early twenties until his death. It is she who tells his story in Adieux. Sartre openly discusses his relationships with women-a subject which seems to pain De Beauvoir even now; his ugliness; his fear of passion. And in one of the most moving passages in Adieux, De Beauvoir anticipates Sartre's death.
Ain't Nobody's Busines If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country by Peter McWilliams
A refresher course on rights and personal freedom. What is your position on prostitution, pornography, gambling and other victimless crimes? This book will make readers consider their rights and the rights of others in a more humanistic and caring way.
Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Monogamy, Adultery and Divorce (1992) by Helen Fisher
Why do we fall in love? Romping through evolution, addressing a broad spectrum of species & a huge variety of cultures, Fisher casts her investigative net from the tundras of Siberia to the jungles of Amazonia in her examination of the physical & psychological phenomena of love. Enlightening & entertaining, lucid & learned, Anatomy of Love is a reminder that our Western culture is but the latest fascinating design on an ancient blueprint called the mating game. Fun & delightful to read, offering an abundance of fascinating facts new even to somebody well versed in the minutiae of animal behavior. Unravels this ancient saga of love, abandonment & renewed desire with a vulgar gusto that makes her scholarly investigation immensely readable.
Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray (1994) by Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
Love at first sight...the copulatory gaze...dinner dates...jealousy... intimacy... homesexuality...infidelity...Dr.Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at the American Museum of Natural History, explains it all in this four-million-year history of the human species. She demystifies much about romance and pairing that we tend to believe is willfull or just plain careless. She offers new explanations for why men and women fall in love, marry, and divorce, and discusses the future of sex in a way that will surprise you.
The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory by Francoise Simpere
A guide for adventurous couples in an exploration of a more open relationship. The idea of open relationships seduces more and more men and women who wish to foster a healthy partnership while maintaining multiple lovers. The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory helps couples who want to better understand, or to begin an exploration of, the emotional, sexual, and intellectual mores of polyamory.
Becoming Partners: Marriage & Its Alternatives by Carl R. Rogers
An exploration and discussion of the relationship between man and woman. Couples talk about the intimate details of their relationship and express their innermost feelings. Carl Rogers is the innovator of "client-centred" therapy. In this book he takes an objective position.
Beyond Marriate And The Nuclear Family by Robert Thamm
No summary available
Border Sexualities: Border Families In Schools by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
The first book of its kind internationally, Border Sexualities, Border Families in Schools explores the experiences of bisexual students, mixed sexual orientation families, and polyamorous families in schools. For the first time, a book foregrounds the voices and experiences of these students and families who are _falling into the gaps_ or on the borders of a school's gay/straight divide in anti-homophobia policies and programs, and schools recognising families as meaning either heterosexual couples, or, increasingly, homosexual couples.
Breaking the Barriers to Desire: Polyamory, Polyfidelity and Non-monogamy - New Approaches to Multiple Relationships editied by Kevin Lano
Polyamory and non-monogamy, whilst increasingly acknowledged aspects of relationships, have not yet been accepted as valid alternative ways of living. This book will aim to show that 'responsible non-monogamy' can be both a positive choice at a personal level and a radicalising current in society, providing a true alternative to the dependence and exclusion of traditional monogamy, and the lack of responsibility and honesty in covert non-monogamy.
The Diary of Anais Nin by Anais Nin
A naturalized American citizen (she was born in France), Anas Nin was a modernist writer of short stories and novels. Her sexually explicit journals and her correspondence with her lover, the American writer Henry Miller, led to her popular resurgence in the 1970s as a feminist icon and a literary figure of the avant-garde.
The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt
Beyond the often unrealistic ideal of lifetime monogamy lies an uncharted jungle of delightful options - everything from committed multi-partner relationships to friendly sex, casual sex, group sex and more. In this groundbreaking volume, authors Easton and Liszt provide a road map for exploring this sometimes difficult, often rewarding territory. Warm, informative details about how to get your needs met, manage your jealousy, make agreements that work for all concerned, talk to your friends and relatives, and build a life full of all the sex and love you want.
The Ethical Slut 2nd Edition by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy
For anyone who has ever dreamed of love, sex, and companionship beyond the limits of traditional monogamy, this groundbreaking guide navigates the infinite possibilities that open relationships can offer. Experienced ethical sluts Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy dispel myths and cover all the skills necessary to maintain a successful and responsible polyamorous lifestyle
Group Marriage: "Marriages" of Three Or More People, How And When They Work by Larry L. and Joan M. Constantine
Summary not available
Heavenly Breakfast: An Essay on the Winter of Love by Samuel R. Delany
Memoir: Life in an urban commune, 1967-68 NYC
Intimate Friendships by James Ramey
This book analyzes all forms of human intimate relationships, from monogamy, to monogamy with adultery, to polygyny, polyandry and group relationships. It was written in the late 1970s before the current wave of politically correct constraints were imposed on original thinking. It is hard to deny his hypotheses and therefore his conclusions. As you recognize yourself then you can best understand what kind of relationship will best suit you. This book should have a wider audience.
Just Friends: The Role of Friendship in Our Lives by Lillian B. Ruben
An exploration of the role of friendship in men's and women's lives.
Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Values by Sarah Lucia Hoagland
Hoagland presents with clarity, refreshing hope, and conviction the idea that it is indeed possible to have authentic, free, loving, and equal relationships between human beings, relationships that are simply not based on domination and submission. Her goal is "moral revolution", "a conceptual framework, a new paradigm, in which oppression is not automatic - where rape, pogroms, slavery, lynchings, and colonialism are not even _conceivable_."
The Lesbian Polyamory Reader by Marcia Munson and Judith Stelboum
You'll quickly discover that the steps toward love and happiness are as easy as 1, 2, 3, and maybe even 4 or 5. And you'll find that if your own lesbian relationship lies outside the "traditional monogamous couple" model, you're definitely not alone. You'll explore many multifaceted and multifarious love relationships, each one applicable to your own liking, if you so choose. You'll find successful models of relationship styles--regardless of your own orientation--from cover to cover, and you'll discover the pleasing polyphony in the many, many female voices of authorities on love and love relationships.
Lesbian Polyfidelity: A Pleasure Guide for the Woman Whose Heart Is Open to Multiple, Concurrent Sexualoves, or How to Keep Non-Monogamy Safe, Sane, & Consensual by Celeste West
Ever wonder where all the lesbian feminists have gone? Here is one answer. The author of Lesbian Polyfidelity dares to love outside the lines of monogamy and has generously provided suggestions for those who are trying to navigate honest love lives that respect each woman's differing needs.
Love Unlimited by Leonie Linssen and Stephan Wik
Based on the case studies of 12 actual couples and individuals who are grappling with the complexities and challenges of "responsible nonmonogamy," this helpful resource delves into various types of open relationships.
Many Hearts, Many Loves, Many Possibilities by Christina Parker
This book provides a powerful tool for everyone seeking to look beyond their fears, fantasies, and stereotypes and step into the reality of polyamory relationships whether they are just taking their first steps on that journey or are experienced travelers.
Marriage and Other Alternatives: Exploring Intimate Relationships by Rober W. Libby
Sociologists, psychologists, and family therapists discuss traditional monogamous marriage, alternative avenues to intimacy such as open and group marriage, and the influence of changing life-styles on and the future of intimate relationships.
Marriage and Morals by Bertrand Russell
The fireworks fly when the great Bertrand Russell writes about a subject as provocative as marriage and morals. But they are a rational and devastatingly logical kind of fireworks . . . for that was the nature of the man. Russell's approach to sex and love is based on the realities of need and desire, rather than on ancient tribal and religious taboos. Marriage and Morals is a clear, unbiased look at morality, a morality that is simply one aspect of Russell's lifelong opposition to restrictive dogma and an affirmation of his unshakeable faith in the adequacy of man and the power of human intellect.
The Motion of Light in Water by Samuel R. Delany
Sex and science fiction writing in the East Village. An offbeat literary autobiography, where the writer's first years as an author in the early 1960s East Village scene of New York provide the setting for his story.
The New Intimacy: Open-Ended Marriage and Alternative Lifestyles by Ronald Mazur
The close of the 20th century has witnessed the minority status of the traditional family in America. On the threshold of a new millennium, now is an opportune and urgent time to give voice to the intimacies of alternative lifestyles, including open marriage. Traditional monogamy is still the prize for countless adults searching for meaning and love in their lives. That search is honored by myriad religious and societal supports. It is to non-traditionalists, to those ready for new life and love affirmations, that this book is offered with joy.
One Big Happy Family by Rebecca Walker
An unabashed celebration of love in all its diversity and complexity, One Big Happy Family is destined to become a definitive text on the modern American family, featuring essays by prominent voices.
Oneida: Utopian Community to Modern Corporation by Maren Lockwood Carden
This volume describes how the initiation of young girls into the sexual practices of the commune became a major source of conflict. The study appraises information about the history, practices, organization, and principles of Oneida.
Open Marriage by Nena and George O'Neill
The classic that revolutionized the way Americans see marriage. In every decade, no more than a handful of books can truly said to have influenced the world around them. Open marriage is one of that handful. In the years ofllowing its explosive publication in 1972, it sold nearly hour million copies and changed the perception of marriage of an entire generation both in the U.S. and abroad. Many of the precepts that made up its argument, while revolutionary at the time, have become tenents by which we live today.
Open Marriage edited by Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, & Susan F. Marseken
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Open Marriage, Marriage, Adultery, Infidelity, Open Marriage Styles, George O'Neill, Open Relationship, Polyamory, Open Marriage Relationship
Pagan Polyamory by Raven Kaldera
Presenting a fascinating peek inside the polyamorous lifestyle from a Pagan perspective, Raven Kaldera offers practical insight and spiritual depth into a vastly misunderstood way of life.
Polyamory by Jack Peachum
Polyamory is many loves. Jack Peachum is a Virginia writer, widely published on both the internet and in the print media. His poetry is often traditional in approach, though not in subject matter, borrowing heavily from a variety of sources.
The Polyamory Handbook by Peter J. Bensen
In these pages you'll find guidance about - what polyamory is and is not; communication, conflict resolution, and emotional growth; ethical considerations; sexual hygiene; children; wills, discrimination, and legal hassles; and much more. Whether you are well experienced with polyamory, or new at it, or curious about it, you'll find answers here, all conveniently arranged in numbered sections for easy reference.
Polyamory In The 21st Century by Deborah Anapol
Unlike other books on this topic, Polyamory in the 21st Cenutry weaves together research and facts to provide an informed and impartial analysis of polyamory as a lifestyle and as a movement, and to place it in a psychosocial as well as an historical context. Anecdotes and personal experiences allow the reader to develop a better understanding of polyamory and the people who practice and enjoy it.
Polyamory Many Loves: The Poly-Tantric Lovestyle: A personal account by Janet Kira Lessin
POLYAMORY, MANY LOVES, The Polytantric Lovestyle, A Personal Account, by Janet Kira Lessin will challenge, delight, satisfy, amuse and entertain you. Join Janet in her juicy journey of sacred sexuality in Polyamory, Many Loves. She explores pair dating, a woman/man/woman threesome, man/woman/man triads, quatrads, networks, and finally, a polyamorous pod. Janet shares her innermost thoughts, feelings, spiritual epiphanies and erotic experiences as she learns the ways of many-lover loving with increasing skill and grace. Her trials and triumphs teach all who would tread the path of polyamory. Janet's amorous experiments lead her to blend All-Chakra Tantra--her variety of sacred loving--with polyamory--relating to contemporaneous multiple lovers.
Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits : Secrets of Sustainable Intimate Relationships by Dr. Deborah M. Anapol
This book is a valuable guide for the establishing and nurturing of healthy intimate relationships that are responsibly nonmonogamous, and a valuable resource for educators and counsellors working in the fields of sexual, mental and emotional health.
Polyamory:Roadmaps For The Clueless And Hopeful by Anthony Ravenscroft
Tony Ravenscroft leaves behind the speculation, the guesswork, and the Utopianism that only confuse the discussion. Polyamory: Roadmaps for the Clueless & Hopeful begins from the absolute basics of intimate relationships, and clearly lays out the pitfalls and problems that await everyone who embarks upon this difficult and highly rewarding way of life.
The Sex And Love Handbook by Kris A. Heinlein and Rozz M. Heinlein
Make way for the next sexual revolution! Plenty of books describe the mechanics of sex but barely scratch the surface. The Sex and Love Handbook explores the most sensual sexual organ: the human brain. Explore the emotions, philosophies, risks and rewards of reaching toward your next sexual level. Nothing is out of bounds except dishonesty and hypocrisy. Learn how to be more fulfilled and to better fulfill your lover(s). Discover the ultimate sexual YOU, and make it a reality.
Sex, Sin and Zen by Brad Warner
With his one-of-a kind blend of autobiography, pop culture, and plainspoken Buddhism, Brad Warner explores an A-to-Z of sexual topics - from masturbation to dating, gender identity to pornography. In addition to approaching sexuality from a Buddhist perspective, he looks at Buddhism - emptiness, compassion, karma - from a sexual vantage. Throughout, he stares down the tough questions: Can prostitution be a right livelihood? Can a good spiritual master also be really, really bad? And ultimately, what's love got to do with any of it? While no puritan when it comes to non-vanilla sexuality, Warner offers a conscious approach to sexual ethics and intimacy - real-world wisdom for our times.
The Ship That Sailed into the Living Room: Sex and Intimacy Reconsidered by Sonia Johnson
Sonia Johnson's take on relationships told through the perpective of her own lesbian relationship and applicable to everyone. It's central metaphor and concomitant stories implicitly entail the concept of differentiation--a necessary and healthy alternative to the two broadest mistakes we swing between in relationships--enmeshment and expectation on the one hand to distancing, dissociation, and closing the heart on the other.
Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life
Spiritual Polyamory is a powerful, groundbreaking work, certain to intrigue, challenge and stimulate members of both the "poly-curious" and polyamorous communities. Mystic Life takes you on a journey into honesty, awareness and self-exploration. You will be encouraged to explore your true beliefs about love, jealousy, sex and letting go of control. This book will help you to open your mind and heart to a fresh approach to intimacy which transcends fear and releases you into a world of unbound peace and joy.
Three in Love: Ménages à Trois from Ancient to Modern Times by Michael Foster & Letha Hadady
If longevity is the proof and ménages à trois is the pudding, then Three in Love is an appropriate recipe for this classically suspect concoction. Claiming that their own 16-year relationship is as valid an arrangement as marriage, the authors offer their defense with a mild dose of psychology amidst examples of famous threesomes--the more familiar (Lord Nelson and the Hamiltons, June & Henry Miller and Anas Nin) as well as some surprises.
Threesomes: Studies in Sex, Power, and Intimacy by Arno Karlen
Based on 50 interview subjects, 200 informants, and 150 swingers, Threesomes provides anecdotal descriptions of sexual threesomes. In addition to the anecdotal material, there is some discussion of antecedents to a desire for this type of sexual expression. The scant literature on this topic is reviewed and a bibliography is provided, as is an appendix with details on research method and data. For libraries with extensive collections of human sexuality.
Thy Neighbor's Wife by Gay Talese
When first published, Gay Talese's 1981 groundbreaking work, Thy Neighbor's Wife, shocked a nation with its powerful, eye-opening revelations about the sexual activities and proclivities of the American public in the era before AIDS. A marvel of journalistic courage and craft, the book opened a window into a new world built on a new moral foundation, carrying the reader on a remarkable journey from the Playboy Mansion to the Supreme Court, to the backyards and bedrooms of suburbia - through the development of the porn industry, the rise of the "swinger" culture, the legal fight to define obscenity, and the daily sex lives of "ordinary" people. It is the book that forever changed the way Americans look at themselves and one another.
Understanding Non-Monogamies edited by Meg Barker & Darren Langdridge
Most social scientific work on intimate relationships has assumed a monogamous structure, or has considered anything other than monogamy only in the context of 'infidelity'. Yet, in recent years there has been a growing interest among researchers and the public in exploring various patterns of intimacy that involve open non-monogamy. This volume gathers contributions from academics, activists, and practitioners throughout the world to explore non-monogamous relationships. Featuring both empirical and theoretical pieces, contributors examine the history and cultural basis of various forms of non-monogamy, experiences of non-monogamous living, psychological understandings of relationship patterns, language and emotion, the discursive construction of mono-normativity as well as issues of race, class, disability, sexuality and gender. This volume will be of interest to academics and practitioners working in the social sciences and anyone who is seeking greater insight into the intricacies of non-monogamous relationships.
What Does Polyamory Look Like? by Dr. Mim Chapman
Finally, a book that explores what it truly means to be polyamorous by exploring the wonderful variety of poly relationships. Only through understanding poly's innate diversity can one grasp what open relationships can offer.
What's Love Got to Do with It? by Meredith Small
In this refreshingly down-to-earth exploration of human mating and sexuality, an acclaimed anthropologist looks at the fascinating intersection between the imperatives of our glands and genes, and the culture in which we live. Why do we fall in love with the people we do? Is there an alternative, more feminist, way to interpret traditional human sexual biology and evolution? These are but a few of the questions that anthropologist Meredith Small explores in her compelling book on human mating, What's Love Got to Do with It?
Without Sin: The Life and Death of the Oneida Community by Spencer Klaw
Working with the unpublished letters and diaries of Oneida's own members, Klaw has produced a fascinating study of religion, morals, and utopian idealism--"a sympathetic but shrewd account of one of America's most successful--and most sexually obsessed--religious cults".

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
After many years of counseling, Dr. Chapman noticed a pattern: everyone he had ever counseled had a "love language," a primary way of expressing and interpreting love. He also discovered that, for whatever reason, people are usually drawn to those who speak a different love language than their own. Of the countless ways we can show love to one another, five key categories, or five love languages, proved to be universal and comprehensive - everyone has a love language, and we all identify primarily with one of the five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.
The Five Love Languages For Singles by Gary Chapman
This useful guide takes the foundation from The Five Love Languages and expands to discuss how people express and feel love from people who are not their romantic partners. This is particularly helpful for polyamorous people to better communicate with metamours and family.
Just Your type by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger
Are men and women from different planets, or is it Personality Type, not gender, that rules the way they relate? The foremost experts in Personality Type, Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger provide fresh insight into the mysteries of love. Drawing from years of experience as well as groundbreaking research, the authors offer an individualized approach to improving your love life: they help you figure out which of the 16 personality types best describes you and your partner; reveal the rewards and frustrations of your type combination; identify the essential aspects of a good relationship for each type; provide the best advice about communicating with your mate, and much more.
Love And Limerence by Dorothy Tennov
Originally released twenty years ago, Love and Limerence has become a classic in the psychology of emotion. As relevent today as it was then, this book offers insight into love, infatuation, madness, and all flavors of emotion in between.
Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey
For the past twenty years Keirsey has continued to investigate personality differences -- to refine his theory of the four temperaments and to define the facets of character that distinguish one from another. His findings form the basis of Please Understand Me II, an updated and greatly expanded edition of the book, far more comprehensive and coherent than the original, and yet with much of the same easy accessibility. ... Please Understand Me II begins with The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, the most used personality inventory in the world. But also included is The Keirsey Four-Types Sorter, a new short questionnaire that identifies one's basic temperament and then ranks one's second, third, and fourth choices. Share this new sorter with friends and family, and get set for a lively and fascinating discussion of personal styles.

The 158-Pound Marriage by John Irving
Severin Winter is not a man to take things lightly. His loving, like his wrestling, is decidedly heavyweight...a fact not lost on Utch, a lovely Viennese lady whose husband is rather taken (literally) by the delicate Edith, Severin's underweight wife. A bizarre menage a quatre is the result of these convoluted desires as Irving blends farce and tragedy in another bubbling, brilliant novel.
2150 AD by Thea Alexander
You travel with Jon who lives in 1976. When his mind is in the sleep-state, the forces of the future world reach out to him and show him how things can be. Go with him on his perilous adventure - a mind-expanding exodus from the imperfect today into a better tomorrow. Discover the beauty and the emotional demands such a journey can bring. Explore the system of thought and action that can be achieved in the macro world. This is a novel you can't put down - a philosophy you can begin living with now.
Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle by Vladimir Nabokov
Published two weeks after his seventieth birthday, Ada, or Ardor is one of Nabokov's greatest masterpieces, the glorious culmination of his career as a novelist. It tells a love story troubled by incest. But more: it is also at once a fairy tale, epic, philosophical treatise on the nature of time, parody of the history of the novel, and erotic catalogue. Ada, or Ardor is no less than the supreme work of an imagination at white heat. This is the first American edition to include the extensive and ingeniously sardonic appendix by the author, written under the anagrammatic pseudonym Vivian Darkbloom.
The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series (ABVH) by Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita Blake may be small and young, but vampires call her the Executioner. Anita is a necromancer and vampire hunter in a time when vampires are protected by law--as long as they don't get too nasty. Trust is a luxury Anita can't afford when her allies aren't human. Along the way, she explores love, sex, and kink with her georgeous paranormal "allies".
Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins
A former college football player, banished from organized football after a carnal episode with his coach's wife, is hiking through the wet wilderness of Olympic National Park. He comes upon a murdered Catholic monk with a letter of introduction. Stealing the monk's clothes and assuming his identity, he continues on the path until he arrives at what was to be the monk's destination: a completely unknown monastary that serves as a training ground for the Vatican hit squad. Passing himself off as the murdered monk, he soon finds himself transferred to duty at the Vatican where, after some time, he is able to use the confusion created by a rather severe earthquake to sneak his way into the lowest, off-limits section of the Vatican catacombs. Who's body he finds, and what happens after that? Read the book.
Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams
Gabriel is a member of the Aristoi, an elite group of humans who reign over technology, and he discovers that another Aristos has gone mad and threatens the entire human race.
Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany
In the far future, after human civilization has spread through the galaxy, communications begin to arrive in an apparently alien language. They appear to threaten invasion, but in order to counter the threat, the messages must first be understood.
Becoming Sage (The Keyhole Series: Book 1) by Kasi Alexander
With a failed marriage behind her, Jill Marten was looking to start a new chapter in her life. She had no idea that running into her old friend, Jessie, would unlock a whole new world. When she accepts Jessie's invitation to a party, in order to "try something completely different," it awakens a need to discover her place in a new community. Jessie, also known as sunni, is a submissive slave who is in a loving relationship with her Master, Sir Rune. When Rune and sunni ask Jill to be a part of their family, Jill begins her journey into submission, bondage, and polyamory, even as she questions everything that she has been taught about love and relationships. She begins to face her own desires and fears as she struggles with feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and self-worth. Once she opens the door to a life she never imagined, a peek through the keyhole is no longer enough, and she must learn what it means to become sage.
Beyond This Horizon by Robert A. Heinlein
Utopia has been achieved. For centuries, disease, hunger, poverty and war have been things found only in the history tapes. And applied genetics has given men and women the bodies of athletes and a lifespan of over a century. They should all have been very happy....
Bingo by Rita Mae Brown
In the sequel to her beloved Six of One, Rita Mae Brown returns with another witty tale of passion and rivalry in the small Southern town of Runnymede, Maryland. Newspaper editor Nickel Smith is scrambling to save the local paper from corporate extinction, even as she is engaged in an affair that would shock the town as much as it amazes Nickel herself. Meanwhile, her mother, Julia, and her aunt Louise, the infamous Hunsenmeir sisters, whove set the town on its ears for decades, keep an eagle eye on Nickel. No matter that she's a grown woman and that they're going on ninety; they need someone to gossip about! Not even the town's weekly bingo games can keep Louise and Julia out of trouble when Ed Tutweiler Walters, an eligible newcomer, arrives in town-and has the sisters fighting over him like schoolgirls. A telling look at the foibles of modern relationships, Bingo is full of wisdom about the comforts, trials, and absurdities of small-town life and especially of our own nearest and dearest.
Blue Champagne by John Varley
Tales examining the way technology complicates human relationships. From the computer and space flight to future prosthetics, the author asserts, greater options lead both to increased possibilities and to problems.
Boundless Love: I Love You Two by Jarod Lojeck
When Barbara & Jack fell in love, they knew their love had no bounds. When they agreed to an open marriage neither believed anything could change the devotion and happiness they had found in each other. The one thing neither of them had counted on, though, came in the form of a sexy, seductive, young black woman named Kiera, who swept Barbara off her feet. Unable to contain her feelings for Kiera, and unwilling to keep them a secret any longer, Barbara makes the difficult choice to confess her love for Kiera to her husband. Two beautiful women from completely different worlds and a man caught in the middle. What happens next will surely test the limits of their Boundless Love.
Burning Houses by Andrew Harvey
Adolphe, an aging film director, embellishes his lost amours with dreams of Hollywood and grand opera. Charles, an Englishman, writes a novel ( A Burning House ) about his love for the conscientious Mark and, reading excerpts to Adolphe, seeks affirmation from that flamboyant "queen." As Anna mocks the vanity of Adophe and Charles, Mark analyzes his love for an off-stage wife and the bisexual Charles. These four converse in lusty arias which form a somber/amusing operatic novel whose motifs are homerotic passion, illusion, and a hunger for self-fulfillment.
The Cage (Millennium Series book 3) by S.M. Stirling
Habiku Smoothtongue corrupted everyone and everything that ever meant anything to Megan Thanesdoom--including Megan herself. But now Megan has returned, and she's not alone. Backed by barbarian warrior Shkai'ra's sword, Megan is ready to claim her rightful status in the world.
Cakes And Ale by W.. Somerset Maugham
A delicious satire of London literary society between the Wars. Social climber Alroy Kear is flattered when he is selected by Edward Driffield's wife to pen the official biography of her lionized novelist husband, and determined to write a bestseller. But then Kear discovers the great novelist's voluptuous muse (and unlikely first wife), Rosie. The lively, loving heroine once gave Driffield enough material to last a lifetime, but now her memory casts an embarrissing shadow over his career and respectable image.
The Cat Who Walks Trhough Walls (Lazaras Series book 3) by Robert A. Heinlein
When a stranger attempting to deliver a cryptic message is shot dead at his table, Dr. Richard Ames is thrown headfirst into danger, intrigue, and other dimensions, where a plot to rescue a sentient computer could alter human history.
Chief Tallon And The S.O.R. by John Ball
No summary available
Come Live My Life by Robert H. Rimmer
Come Live My Life chronicles the working of LovXchange - a guilt-free, postmarital adventure for carefully selected married couples between thirty and fifty years of age, who opened their marriages to experience an intimate, loving relationship with another couple.
Communion by Mallory Path
Tig, Vincent, Patrick, Colin, and Justin are long-time friends, but even the best of friends have secrets. Revelations can bring people closer, or tear them apart. That's the chance Tig took when he confessed his desire for D/s intimacy to Vincent, Patrick and Colin. It has led to a very satisfying arrangement among them, although they've kept their relationship and BDSM activities from Justin. Now the time has come for Tig to risk himself again: with the others' help and support, he's ready to bring his desires to Justin, along with a confession of love. Since taking up with Patrick and Colin, Vincent has seen and done more than he imagined possible, and he thought he knew what they were all getting intobut after tonight, nothing will ever be the same between these five friends.
Courtship Rite by Donald Kingsbury
The story centers on a marriage of five people (three of whom are brothers and have formed a family they call the maran-kaiel.). Over a period of time, each has taken a path to ensure the family's strength and success in a world of necessary brutality softened only by the acts of others. The brothers (Hoemei, Joesai and Gaet) have married two women (Noe and Teenae) and are courting a sixth, thus bringing the number of their marriage to the zenith for their culture. There is a catch. The woman that they are courting to become third-wife (Kathein) is denied them and they are offered instead a woman declared a religious heretic - Oelita - who has determined that the traditional ways of their culture can be cast off for other paths.
Crashcourse by Wilhelmina Baird
Cass, Moke, and Dosh do not know what they are getting themselves into when they sign a contract to star in a cyber-cinema film, which enables the audience to plug into the stars' emotions.
The Dancers of Arun by Elizabeth A. Lynn
Taken from his home in Torner Keep to Elath where he is trained to use his telepathic powers, Kerris sets out in search of his brother Kel following an attack by the barbarian Aesch.
The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio
The Decameron (c.1351) is an entertaining series of one hundred stories written in the wake of the Black Death. The stories are told in a country villa outside the city of Florence by ten young noble men and women who are seeking to escape the ravages of the plague. Boccaccio's skill as a dramatist is masterfully displayed in these vivid portraits of people from all stations in life, with plots that revel in a bewildering variety of human reactions.
A Delicious Taboo Plus Too by Jennifer Cole
For two years following that first explosive weekend of carnal awakening, Melanie and her four gay lovers have settled into a comfortable life as a family. And as far as any the five lovers are concerned, life just doesn't get any better! As they approach their second anniversary, Melanie, Calen, Van, Jake and Philip are about to have their world turned upside down. Will the introduction of two more be a catalyst that blows this family's perfect world apart?
Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany
Bellona is a city at the dead center of the United States. Something has happened there... The population has fled. Madmen and criminals wander the streets. Strange portents appear in the cloud-covered sky. And into this disaster zone comes a young man-poet, lover, and adventurer-known only as the Kid. Tackling questions of race, gender, and sexuality, Dhalgren is a literary marvel and groundbreaking work of American magical realism.
A Different Light by Elizabeth A. Lynn
A wonderful story of a painter, Jimson Alleca, who's fate is to die during a time when a being may achieve immortality. He may live for thirty more years if he stays in his world, but he longs for freedom and wishes to find his love, Russel O'Neill. And maybe, just maybe, he'll also find a cure for his sickness.
The Door Into Fire by Diane Duane
Imagine a world in which the deity is not a matter of faith but of fact, because everyone has met her. Imagine a world in which who one loves is not important, as long as one does love. Imagine as hero not the usual charming but amoral rogue but a thoroughly decent, kind and generous man. Imagine a book that teaches us that our own fears are the biggest obstacles of life and that overcoming our pasts and accepting our true selves are the truest victories. Except that you don't have to imagine all of this, because Diane Duane has already done it for you.
Double Jeopardy by Ericka Scott
Dominic Wells wouldn't hesitate to do anything to keep his wife happy. Anything at all ... When one member of their marital triad dies, Dominic Wells figures hes all set to have his happily ever after with his beautiful wife, Tabbitha. However, now that he finally has her all to himself, he realizes he can never be enough for her. No one man could. So, they set out on a quest to find a new husband to complete their loving marriage.
Ectopia by Ernest Callenbach
A novel portraying a future ecologically sustainable society located in what was formerly the states of Washington, Oregon, and northern California. It is a hopeful vision of what industrial society must become if it is to survive, presented in news-story and diary entry forms. Callenbach gives us a vivid, comprehensive, positive vision of what the earth's future might look like, if those who care about sustainability had a say. Highly imaginative, this much-loved book is at the same time blessedly down to earth. Nearly a million copies have been sold in nine languages.
Ecotopia Emerging by Ernest Callenbach
This "prequel" to Callenbach's classic Ecotopia dramatizes the rise and triumph of a powerful American movement to preserve the earth as a safe, sustainable environment.
Emergence by David R. Palmer
Meet Candidia Maria Smith-Foster. Candy's unique outlook on life shines through in her journal which chronicles the aftermath of a bionuclear war, a war which has eliminated 99.4 percent of the people on Earth. The remaining .6 percent -- well, let's just say that they have very unique abilities. Candy is one of these, and as she sets off from her hometown in search of other survivors, the meaning of the book's title becomes clear -- Emergence, the emergence of a new species, a new society, and a new world.
The Empress of Earth (Silence Leigh Trilogy book 3) by Melissa Scott
Silence has finally wangled a deal with the Hegemony to use their gear to help them find the lost star roads to Earth. This comes at a price, though, as the credit for this will go to the leader of the Hegemony's family, so that one of his relatives can inherit his position, given that he has no children. The roads are not lost by accident, there is an active group of planets trying to block access to Earth, setting up a final conflict.
Eva Luna by Isabel Allende
Eva means life, and Luna, meaning moon in spanish, establishes her strong feminine, even matriachal, identity early in the book. As she takes on the different roles of daughter, mother and sister through the span of the book, we see her strong will and ability to survive in a country that is dominantly male.
Fifth Business (Deptford Trilogy) by Robertson Davies
Ramsay is a man twice born, a man who has returned from the hell of the battle-grave at Passchendaele in World War I decorated with the Victoria Cross and destined to be caught in a no man's land where memory, history, and myth collide. As Ramsay tells his story, it begins to seem that from boyhood, he has exerted a perhaps mystical, perhaps pernicious, influence on those around him. His apparently innocent involvement in such innocuous events as the throwing of a snowball or the teaching of card tricks to a small boy in the end prove neither innocent nor innocuous.
The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk
A world without poverty or hunger that honors the Four Sacred Things that sustain life--earth, air, fire, and water--is poised to clash with a nightmare society of authoritarian regimes and food and water shortages.
A Fisherman of the Inland Sea by Ursula K. Le Guin
A collection of stories highlight such objects of the imagination as a starship that sails on the wings of song, musical instruments that are played at funerals only, and orbiting arks designed to save a doomed humanity.
Five-Twelfths of Heaven (The Silence Leigh Trilogy book 1) by Melissa Scott
This is the first book of a trilogy. The other two are Silence In Solitude and Empress of Earth. The main characters are Silence and her two husbands Julian (Julie) Chase Mago and Dennis Balthasar.
Flamesong (Petal Throne series book 2) by M.A.R. Barker
It is a world without iron, without horses, but where the gods are powerful interdimensional beings (and VERY real). You won't find taverns, but clan houses which specialize in winemaking. There is good and evil in abundance and a rousing good time in a world filled with layers of intrigue. This is the second book set in the world of Tekumel, the sequel to Man of Gold.
The Forbidden Tower by Marion Zimmer Bradley
A Darkover series volume, by the author of The Mists of Avalon, presents four challengers to the planet's sacred traditions--ruling caste member Damon, his betrothed, Earthman Andrew, and Andrew's betrothed, a Keeper of the Sacred Tower.
Friday by Robert Heinlein
Engineered from the finest genes, and trained to be a secret courier in a future world, Friday operates over a near-future Earth, where chaos reigns. Working at Boss's whimsical behest she travels from far north to deep south, finding quick, expeditious solutions as one calamity after another threatens to explode in her face.
Friendly Erotica - A Question of Boundaries edited by Heidi Brown & Jay Mussell
No summary available
Gaea Trilogy: (1) Titan; (2) Wizard; (3) Demon by John Varley
The stories tell of humanity's encounter with a living being in the shape of a 1,300 km diameter space habitat, inhabited by many different species, most notably Titanides, in orbit around the planet Saturn.
Gifts from Eykis : A Story of Self-Discovery by Wayne W. Dyer
How would an intelligent visitor from another planet react to life on Earth? Would we welcome that visitor's presence and views? Are we ready for such an open exchange? Weaving together science fiction, spirituality, and philosophy with wisdom, humor, and plain common sense, Wayne Dyer tells the story of two peaceful beings from different worlds who work together to enhance the well-being of all.The gifts that Eykis brings to the people of Earth help them see themselves in a new light, and compel them to rethink their negative actions.
Giving The Bride Away by Sage Vivant
A young bride can't decide between her husband and her lover--and doesn't think she should have to! Is Sherri one of the most diabolical female leads in recent romantic fiction? Or is she a trailblazer who is determined not to compromise her own happiness to meet societial expectations? Is Paul, her adoring husband, the epitome of the strong and sensitive male, or is he one of the most pathetically tormented men ever to be destroyed by the meatgrinder that is modern marriage? And what role is played by Daniel, the attractive philosopher/artist next door, who, though as passive as Sherri is aggressive, still seems to control the entire drama? Is Giving the Bride Away a how-to novel on the art of creating a transformational polyamorous relationship? Or does it eroticize the power of marriage to brutalize all who question its taboos? Giving The Bride Away is one of the hottest erotic novels you will ever read, and also one of the most thought-provoking.
Glory Road by Robert Heinlein
E.C. "Scar" Gordon, a Vietnam veteran, answers an ad promising adventure and meets a mysterious beauty who transports him to another world.
The Harem of Aman Akbar by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
By his genie's standards, Aman Akbar was a pervert. He was not content to marry his cousin, the beauteous Hyaganoosh, as custom demanded. Instead he chose three ugly foreign wives--a pale skinned barbarian Rasa, a sharp-tongued Chinese acrobat, Lady Aster, and the tall ebony skinned 100th daughter of the Great Elephant, Amollia. Just about the time the women were sorting out the whole polygamy thing and dealing with their new mother-in-law, Um Aman, Aman Akbar lost control of the genie and got turned into a white ass (it happens a lot in the Arabian Nights) at the wish of none other than Hyaganoosh. What's a foreign wife to do? The three women and Aman Akbar's mother have no choice but to seek a way to undo the spell and restore the fellow to his former shape and state but along the way they have some hair raising adventures involving monkeys, shape shifters called peris, the dangerous divs who make the djinn look jolly, and a rather nice elephant.
The Harrad Experiment by Robert H. Rimmer
A new-age 'experiment' takes place in the 1960s at Harrad College, a privately endowed and liberally run school that admits carefully selected students. This social experiment encourages premarital living arrangements and is totally committed - not mere lip-service or public-relations hype - to getting young men and women to think and act for themselves. What do they think about? Everything that interests the author, Bob Rimmer: human relations, sex, history, philosophy, anatomy, existentialism, art, music, Zen, politics - and, once more, sex. Four Harrad students record their thoughts regularly for four years.
Her Boyfriend's Boyfriend by Cheryl Dragon
Cassie has found the man of her dreams. Neil's rich and smart and hotter than hell! He's perfect. Except for one small thing. Their sex life is cooling off and he's not talking. It's not her, she's almost sure, and she's not giving up. She's determined to get to the bottom of it. And fix it. What Cassie doesn't know is that Neil used to have a boyfriend. Lou. Once Cassie starts digging around, the truth can't be denied. And neither can the chemistry between Cassie and Lou. Is she the one they needed all along? Cassie's never had two men before. Not even just in bed. The idea of a menage life scares her a little, honestly. But now that she knows how to please her boyfriend, she's not letting him go. Even if it means learning to love her boyfriend's boyfriend.
A Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham
two boyhood friends: Jonathan, lonely, introspective, and unsure of himself; and Bobby, hip, dark, and inarticulate. In New York after college, Bobby moves in with Jonathan and his roommate, Clare, a veteran of the city's erotic wars. Bobby and Clare fall in love, scuttling the plans of Jonathan, who is gay, to father Clare's child. Then, when Clare and Bobby have a baby, the three move to a small house upstate to raise "their" child together and, with an odd friend, Alice, create a new kind of family. A Home at the End of the World masterfully depicts the charged, fragile relationships of urban life today.
I Will Fear No Evil by Robert A. Heinlein
Johann Sebastian Bach Smith was immensely rich -- and very old. Though his mind was still keen, his body was worn out. His solution was to have surgeons transplant his brain into a new body. The operation was a great success -- but the patient was no longer Johann Sebastian Bach Smith. He was now fused with the very vocal personality of his gorgeous, recently deceased secretary, Eunice -- with mind-blowing results! Together they must learn to share control of her body.
The Immoral Reverend by Robert H. Rimmer
In the city of Adamsport, Massachusetts-very similar to Quincy, where Bob Rimmer has lived most of his life-Matt Godwin, with both an MBA and a Doctor of Divinity degree from Harvard-after fifteen years in the business world, is about to be elected president of a multi billion dollar conglomerate created by his father. But defying both his wife and his father, Matt returns to the Unitarian/Universalist pulpit. He has a vision of a church that offers an entirely new approach to Christian morality. Inspired by the never ending mystery and wonder of procreation, life and death, his religion will preach the exaltation of the human body and mind-and human sexuality will have a joyous, laughing, sacramental quality.
In Service by Mima
Malla only wanted to serve a few good men. As a sexual companion that sustains Luo troops with human energy, she's eager for her first assignment. Fresh out of training, she's assigned to a hell of a team in a hellish situation and promptly falls for all four of them. Three of them accept her immediately, bound to her in the searing sexual circumstances of her arrival. But Shon is her hard case. He accepts her body and her energy just fine, but holds his heart back. The team leader doesn't trust his gift of berzerker rage, and his own team doesn't trust him either. War takes its toll on all of them, until Shon finally sees the truth of what it means to have someone believe in him.
King And Joker by Peter Dickenson
The monarchy is not what it used to be. King Victor II may be the great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria, but political and economic realities have intruded even on Buckingham Palace, where family breakfasts center on proposals for tightening the household budget (no, Princess Louise will not be hiring out as a babysitter) and the King - a licensed physician -- fumes at Parliament's refusal to permit him to practice medicine, for fear of lawsuits. Nor has royal dignity been spared. A practical joker has invaded the palace, but his tricks, initially amusing, have turned deadly, and seem increasingly to be focused on the teenage Princess Louise. The trickster, it seems clear, wants her to divulge some secret to the Greater British Public, but which one? With a royal family's worth of skeletons in the closet, there are too many to choose from.
Kink by Kathe Koja
With a blend of erotic and gothic sensibilities, Koja explores the facets of obsession in a three-way relationship between a man and two women set against the gritty downtown backdrop of late-night clubs and a decadent art scene. Gripping and sensuous, dark and edgy, Kink is a tantalizing read.
Knight of Ghosts & Shadows (Bedlam's Bard, Bk. 1) by Mercedes Lackey
Half a millennium after being driven from Europe and settling in southern California, a band of elves places their hopes on a single human being, who must rescue them from a dark oppressor.
Jessica's Wife by Hester Mundis
About a woman's "perfect" marriage and her relationship with another woman.
Leaven of Malice by Robertson Davies
Leaven of Malice (the middle book of Davies' Salteron Trilogy) begins with an intriguing premise: in the small university town of Salterton, someone has placed an notice in the local paper announcing the engagement of Solomon Bridgetower, a young academic, and Pearl Vambrace, a librarian and the daughter of the respected Professor Vambrace. The problem: there is no such engagement, and the Bridgetowers and Vambraces have a long-standing grievance against each other.
Leaving Cheyenne by Larry McMurtry
Leaving Cheyenne, Larry McMurtry's second novel, traces the loves of three West Texas characters as they follow that sundown trail: Gideon Fry, the serious rancher; Johnny McCloud, the free-spirited cowhand; and Molly Taylor, the sensitive woman they both love and who bears them each a son. Tragic circumstances mark the trail but McMurtry's style never turns melodramatic or sentimental.
Lion's Heart (Millennium Series book 6) by Karen Wehrstein
Set in the world of S.M Stirling and Shirley Meier's The Cage, this is the story of Chevenga, master warrior and the greatest ruler his people would ever know. Chevenga knows his destiny from a vision: to preserve his people from barbarian invasions--and he also knows his fate: to die at the hand of an assassin while still young. In his short life Chevenga has much to do, and little time to do it in. If his people cannot freely accept his rulership he must use whatever means are necessary to make them recognize him for what he is.
Lion's Soul (Millennium Series book 7) by Karen Wehrstein
Set in the Fifth Millennium world collaboratively created by the author along with S.M. Stirling and Shirley Meier, this is Book II of the story of Fourth Chevenga Shae-Arano-e, consummate warrior-general and the greatest ruler his people have ever known. Chevenga knows his destiny from a vision -- to preserve his people from barbarian invasions -- and he also knows his fate: to die at the hand of an assassin while still young. In his short life Chevenga has much to do, and little time to do it in.
Love You Two by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
"Then something shifted. I don't know when what used to make me content began to make me cringe; when my adoration of her turned to irritation. Was it adolescence? Was it a mother-daughter thing?" Pina's friends think she's lucky. How many families get along the way hers does - how many parents are as free-spirited and happy as hers? But sometimes Pina wonders who the grown-up is - her or her mother. Then a chance glimpse at an email unravels what Pina thought she knew about life and love. Can her family survive what she has discovered? And what does it all mean for Pina's own life? Two siblings, two boys, two cities, three generations, four friends. How many versions of the truth?
The Lyre of Orpheus (Cornish Trilogy) by Robertson Davies
Davies triumphantly concludes the trilogy begun with The Rebel Angels. The Cornish Foundation is thriving under the tutelage of Arthur Cornish, art expert, collector, connoisseur, and notable eccentric.
The Mad Man by Samuel R. Delany
For his thesis, graduate student John Marr researches the life and work of the brilliant Timothy Hasler--a philosopher whose career was cut tragically short over a decade earlier. Marr encounters numerous obstacles as other researchers turn up evidence of Hasler's personal life that is deemed simply too unpleasant and disillusioning for the rarified air of academe. On another front, Marr finds himself increasingly drawn toward more shocking, depraved sexual entanglements with the homeless men of his neighborhood, until it begins to seem that Hasler's death might hold some key to his own life as a gay man in the age of AIDS. As John Marr learns more about the enigma that was Timothy Hasler, his own increasing sexual debasement leads him to a point where his and the philosopher's lives collide violently
The Man of Gold (Petal Throne series book 1) by M.A.R. Barker
Based on a Role Playing Game created by the author, this first book introduces the hero, who is drawn to two women. However, Tekumel society is decidedly not standard Medieval European Fantasy, and it is perfectly OK for a man to marry more than one woman (or vice versa, for that matter). The hero's main trouble is that he is far too poor and insignificant to have that big a family. At the end of the story, his quest has brought him fame and fortune of a sorts, so his superior more or less order him to marry both... at about the same time as he realises they both has rather horrible sides and he'd rather remain a bachelor, wereas the women have realised they could actually get along together.
Manshare by Maxine Paestro
Will Hanna Coleman, fashion editor of upscale New York mag Urban Life , risk her lover and her best friend for success? Second thoughts aside, you bet. When Hanna, with a yen to be feature editor, proposes a story about modern urban women sexually sharing the short supply of available men, darkly handsome editor-in-chief David Stein wants a first-person perspective. So Hanna shares lovable Guy, probably her Mr. Right, with old friend Mahelly, who's separated and longing to get laid. In this trendy Manhattan milieu of beautiful women and "furry" men, the outcome is predictable.
The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five by Doris May Lessing
the second volume in Doris Lessing's celebrated space fiction series, 'Canopus in Argos: Archives'. In this interlinked quintet of novels, she creates a new, extraordinary cosmos where the fate of the Earth is influenced by the rivalries and interactions of three powerful galactic empires, Canopus, Sirius and their enemy, Puttiora. Blending myth, fable and alegory, Doris Lessing's astonishing visionary creation both reflects and redefines the history of own world from its earliest beginnings to an inevitable, tragic self-destruction. The Marriagesis set in the indeterminate lands of the Zones, Strange realms which encircle the Earth. Zone Three, a peaceful, contented, matriarchalparadise, is ruled by the gentle Queen Al-Ith;the neighbouring Zone four is land given to war and chaos, controlled by brutal warrior-king, Ben-Ata. Their marriage, a melding of the extreme male and female principles, threatens to destabilise the entire galactic empire.
The Medusa Head by Mary Meigs
A sensitive psychological portrait of a stormy three-way lesbian relationship.
Metaphase (Starfarers 3) by Vonda McIntyre
J.D. Sauvage encounters Nemo, a squidmoth. It has one trait in common with human beings: they all are outcasts.
Merry Gentry Series by Laurell K. Hamilton
Merry Gentry, a.k.a. Meredith NicEssus, is a faerie princess of the Unseelie Court, where politics is a blood sport. Merry, who's part sidhe (elvish), part brownie, and part human, never really fit in. She's short, not skilled in offensive magic, and mortal because of her human blood. These are real liabilities when your family, especially aunt Andais, Queen of Air and Darkness, is out to kill you. Merry is forced to re-enter the Unseelie Court, taking as many lovers as possible to become with child in a mad race to secure the next heir to the throne. Along the way, she learns more about her consorts, and love.
Methuselah's Children (Lazaras Series book 1) by Robert Heinlein
Lazarus Long is the oldest of a group of long-lived individuals that have interbred amongst themselves in secret. Once revealed, they are completely misunderstood by their short-lived brethren and are forced into an off- world exodus. They are constantly forced into positions of choice and adventure.
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein
On Luna, an open penal colony, a rebellion is being plotted. The conspirators are a strange assortment - an engaging jack-of-all-trades, his luscious blonde girlfriend, and a lonely talking computer. Their aim is to overthrow the hated Authority, but things don't go according to plan.
More by Sloan Parker
For fifteen years Luke Moore has lived by three rules: stay off his father's radar, never spend more than a single night with any man, and never fall in love again. But one night of explosive sex and two men whom he can't get out of his head have Luke breaking them all. Richard and Matthew push him past all his boundaries-both sexually and personally-and now he's no longer hiding from his senator father; he's taking him on. And he isn't just falling for one man; he's falling for two. If you're going to break the rules, might as well break them big.
Nautilus (Starfarers 4) by Vonda McIntyre
In the final volume in the Starfarers series, the crew of the Starfarer must decide, on the behalf of Earth, whether to join the interstellar Civilization of the aliens or risk being stranded in space.
Number of the Beast by Robert Heinlein
When two male and two female supremely sensual, unspeakably cerebral humans find themselves under attack from aliens who want their awesome quantum breakthrough, they take to the skies -- and zoom into the cosmos on a rocket roller coaster ride of adventure and danger, ecstasy and peril.
Orlando by Virginia Woolf
Born in the Elizabethan Age to wealth and position, Orlando is a young nobleman at the beginning of the story-and a modern woman three centuries later.
Outcasts of Heaven Belt by Joan D. Vinge
The system was called Heaven, because it contained resources enough to sustain life and maybe even more. But when an outside starship fell into the system on a trade and contact mission, the crew discover how easily people can make a hell out of heaven. Civil war has reduced the once-great civilization of Heaven's Belt to a set of struggling, isolated societies, each too intent on their own survival to help the others. The crew of the starship Ranger must find a way out of the system before their ship is taken and used as the last weapon for the last war.
The Passion by Jeanette Winterson
The young Frenchman Henri, sent to fight in the Napoleonic wars, meets a Venetian woman with webbed feet, Villanelle, in Russia. Together, they flee from the grande armee. Henri falls in love with her, though Villanelle's heart is with another. Henri kills Villanelle's husband and winds up in prison, where Villanelle visits him, eventually bearing his child though refusing to marry him.
The Persistence of Vision by John Varley
The Persistence of Vision is an award-winning 1978 anthology of science fiction stories by John Varley. The anthology was also published in the U.K. under the title In the Hall of the Martian Kings. The anthology includes nine stories: "The Phantom of Kansas", "Air Raid", "Retrograde Summer", "The Black Hole Passes", "In the Hall of the Martian Kings", "In the Bowl", "Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance", "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank", "The Persistence of Vision".
Play Date by Jake Marlow
They Saved Their Marriage Through Swapping! When Gary loses his job, he loses his sexual confidence. His wife, Lizette thinks she knows a way to fix the situation. She suggests Gary sleep with their neighbor Maggie, and Maggie's husband agrees. Soon Gary has his confidence back and the four become a foursome. Here is a scorching, insightful look into the contemporary swapping scene.
The Premar Experiments by Robert H. Rimmer
Harrad College has decided to expand its famous experiment. Its program of sexual liberation is to be pushed to the most far-out boundaries of freedom. Even more intriguing, the participants are to include as great a range of human beings, male and female, as possible, and they are to be coupled in every conceivable way.
Proposition 31 by Robert Rimmer
Is it legalized adultery or the preservation of the family? Afterwards, Nancy couldn't remember when it had all started. Or just how they'd taken the first intimate step. But, it wasn't until one perfect weekend in New Hampshire that they all knew they could never live monogamously again-that they loved and needed each other and that they were proud of it-that the years ahead would be difficult for all of them-but that now there was no turning back.
The Quiet Pools by Michael P. Kube-McDowell
It is humanity's most ambitious endeavor-and its most controversial: the Diaspora Project. A city-sized starship that will carry ten thousand men and women, chosen among Earth's billions, to a new life beyond our solar system. For those who are to go, the cost is their families, their loved ones, and the lives they have known. For those who are left behind, there is disappointment, despair, and anger. And for the Homeworld movement, led by the enigmatic Jeremiah, the Project is an abomination that must be stopped at any cost. The theft of Earth's best and brightest children? Or the ultimate destiny of the human race?
Rebellion of Yale Marrat by Robert H. Rimmer
The author took on the whole of American morality and turned the story of one man's unconventional sexual life into a national controversy.
Ruby's Run by Michael Anchors
A story of romantic intrigue and industrial espionage ending in a unique double marriage joining two married couples together in a marriage of four.
Saber and Shadow (Millennium Series book 5) by S.M. Stirling and Shirley Meier
In the corrupt metropolis of Illizbuah, priests, lords, wizards, merchants, and thieves vie for power, and two homeless wanderers join forces to change the city forever.
The Sardonyx Net by Elizabeth A. Lynn
In a far future universe ruled with slavery and drugs, a Starcaptain turned slave discovers that rebellion is the highest form of love.
Scorpianne by Emily Devenport
Determined to unlock the deadly secrets of illegal biotech research, Lucy finds herself with a new identity on a planet on the brink of rebellion, stalked by a mysterious assassin known only by the name Scorpianne.
Selling The Fantasy by Stacey L. Ford
Lisa Johnson appears to have it all. She is smart, attractive, has a successful career and could have any man she wants. ... Lisa consistently chooses men who bring heartache and drama to a relationship because of their exceptional good looks and ability to deceive women. Lisa's personal life undergoes an unexpected change when she meets the man of her dreams, who turns her entire world upside down. Kenneth Maxwell is a hot new comedian who is suave and debonair, but also a master of manipulation. As Kenneth's power, fortune and fame continue to flourish, so does his desire to persuade two women to enter into a poly relationship. Kenneth gets his wish by successfully enticing beautiful, executive chef, Cassandra Russell, to commit her entire existence to him and his lifestyle and he sells Lisa the fantasy of a life filled with luxury, wealth and romance if she chooses to make three small sacrifices. Lisa, Kenneth and Cassandra begin their journey together by sharing intimate moments and unspeakable sexual adventures. The thrilling ride comes to a screeching halt when one of Lisa s friends executes a plan to demolish Kenneth s career and sabotage their romance.
Shadow's Daughter (Millennium Series book 6) by Shirley Meier
After Megan's father's entanglement in court politics leaves her family penniless, they are forced to move into literally the lowest section of the city. It takes backbone the strength of steel to find triumph in adversity, and in F'talezon it takes more--it takes magic. But Megan learns to survive--and becomes a hero in the process.
Shadow's Son (Millennium Series book 4) by Shirley Meier, S.M. Stirling, Karen Wehrstein
After learning that her kidnapped son has at last been traced to Arko, currently under siege by the multinational forces of brilliant young general Chevenga Lion's Heart, Megan Thane becomes a mercenary in Chevenga's motley army. It's only a matter of time before Chevenga's army defeats the Arkans.
Silence in Solitude (Silence Leigh Trilogy book 2) by Melissa Scott
This is the second of Melissa Scott's Five-Twelves of Heaven trilogy. Having got out of the captive situation, Silence is in training to become the first female mage. You don't get something for nothing though, as in return for the training, Silence has to agree to take her mentor to Earth. No-one knows where this is, and only an old map may show them the way. These leads to them being on the run, Star Wars style, and having to sneak into a seat of power for the Hegemony to get what they need.
The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles (A Play) by Bernard Shaw
The world is in an uproar over three couples, four children, one reformed pirate who is secretly a clergyman, and an angel.
Six of One by Rita Mae Brown
Perched right on the Mason-Dixon line, tiny Runnymede, Maryland, is ripe with a history almost as colorful as the women who live there-from Celeste Chalfonte, headstrong and aristocratic, who murders for principle and steals her brother's wife, to Fannie Jump Creighton, who runs a speakeasy right in her own home when hard times come knocking. Then of course, there're Louise and Julia, the boldly eccentric Hunsenmeir sisters. Wheezie and Juts spend their whole lives in Runnymede, cheerfully quibbling about everything from men to child-rearing to how to drive a car. But they never let small-town life keep them from chasing their biggest dreams-or from being true to who they really are. Sparkling with a perfect combination of sisterhood and sass, Six of One is a richly textured Southern canvas.
Snow Brother (Millennium Series book 1) by S.M. Sterling
Ordered to cross the steppes and enslave a Mintzan city or die in disgrace, nineteen-year-old Shkai'ra leaves her warring tribe to complete the task, never planning to find a village so resistant to enslavement.
Something More by Amanda Young
For years, Will O'Malley has harbored clandestine feelings for Emma Taylor, despite the abiding love he feels for Paul Argonaut, his lover for the past two years. Watching her from afar, but loath to approach her as anything more than a friend, tests Will's control on a daily basis until he finds he's no longer able to deny the kaleidoscope of feelings she evokes within him. Paul is aware of Will's feelings for Emma and shares his affection for her. He comes to realize that unless he makes the first move, Will won't ever let her know how he truly feels. If the three of them are to be brought together, it will be up to him to facilitate it. Emma Taylor has been in love with Will for as long as she can remember. The problem: he's her boss, and is obviously smitten with his lover, Paul. The last thing she expects, after walking in on Paul and Will making love, is to be invited into a menage by Paul himself.
Stained Glass by Toby King
Sam's fallen in love with a beautiful woman. She's everything he's ever wanted. The problem? He's already given his heart to the woman of his dreams, his wife of thirteen years. Rebekah is debilitated by disease, leaving parts of her body unresponsive, as if they were broken pieces. But her heart works just fine. She loves her husband so much she wants him happy ... even after she's gone. Meghan's spirit is shattered. Though she longs to be good, she fears the stains of her past can never be washed away, condemning her to a life unloved. The saying goes, "Three's a crowd." But the heart doesn't always listen to what it's told. When Providence crosses these people's paths, the stained fragments and the scattered shards are brought together by shared love to form something, something that offers both healing and redemption. But when healing comes, is love's creation destined to shatter? Or will it endure as a Masterpiece in Stained Glass?
Starfarers (Starfarers 1) by Vonda McIntyre
The starship Starfarer prepares for Earth's first interstellar voyage. Its diverse faculty includes J.D. Sauvage, the alien contact specialist; the other members of the alien contact department: Victoria Fraser MacKenzie, Satoshi Lono, and Stephen Thomas Gregory; J.D.'s friend Zev, the diver; a world-famous sensory artist; Crimson Ng, paleontologist and performance artist; Miensaem Thanthavong, Nobel laureate; General Nikolai Petrovich Cherenkov, cosmonaut, hero of the Soviet Union and (in the eyes of the political entity that swallowed up his homeland) war criminal; Griffith, the man from the GAO who says he's an accountant; Infinity Kenjiro Yanagihara y Mendoza, the gardener, among other things; and Florrie Brown, the first member of Grandparents in Space. But political conditions on Earth are shaky and delicate. As J.D. her colleagues eagerly anticipate their departure, EarthSpace cancels the deep space expedition. So what do they do? They do what any red-blooded multi-national starship faculty & staff would do. They steal the starship.
Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand by Samuel R. Delany
The novel takes place in a far future in which human societies have developed divergently on many planets. They are beginning to coalesce into two broad factions, one generally permissive (the Sygn) and one generally conservative (the Family) by today's standards, in an attempt to find a stable defense against the planet destroying phenomenon known as "cultural fugue". On one of the Sygn worlds, where sexual relationships take many forms-monogamous, promiscuous, anonymous, and interspecies-Marq Dyeth, an "industrial diplomat" who liaises with alien cultures, has a romantic affair with Rat Korga, a freed slave from a destroyed world who is the only known survivor of cultural fugue.
Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
The story of Valentine Michael Smith, born during, and the only survivor of, the first manned mission to Mars. Michael is raised by Martians, and he arrives on Earth as a true innocent: he has never seen a woman and has no knowledge of Earth's cultures or religions. But he brings turmoil with him, as he is the legal heir to an enormous financial empire, not to mention de facto owner of the planet Mars. With the irascible popular author Jubal Harshaw to protect him, Michael explores human morality and the meanings of love. He founds his own church, preaching free love and disseminating the psychic talents taught him by the Martians. Ultimately, he confronts the fate reserved for all messiahs.
Summer People by Marge Piercy
Dinah, Willie, and Susan have long outlived the scandal associated with their ten-year-old menage-a-trois. Dinah, an avante-garde compler, treasures her independence. Yet it takes Willie's kindness and Susan's fire to sustain her. Willie is a left-wing sculptor in a right-wing age. And Susan, his wife, is a fabric designer who craves glamour, wealth, and the attentions of the summer people who visit Cape Cod every year. Then one summer, the balance shifts. Passions are tested, honesty forsaken, and the trio must face the changes brought by their beautiful visitors ...
Summoned to Tourney by Mercedes Lackey
With San Francisco doomed to fall off the continent, the bard must summon the Nightflyers, the soul-devouring shadow creatures from the dreaming world.
Tea for Three by Anne Douglas
Straight, gay or in between, turning thirty is never easy. Craig wonders just where his life heading. His relationship with Jack is satisfying, to say the least. But deep down, he sometimes still craves the soft touches of a woman. Something's bugging Craig, and Jack knows it. Some sort of pre midlife crisis that he just can't understand. The sex is hot and demanding. Their home life is comfortable without being too familiar. But he just can't help feeling he might be about to lose the love of his life. Then they meet lovely, loyal and slightly broken Wren Browne. It doesn't take long to realize, they might have just have found the solution to both of their problems. Love isn't tidy or simple; it doesn't come packaged in neat little boxes. And sometimes you have to set the table with tea for three.
Teacher's Pet by Bryn Colvin
Besotted with his daughter's teacher, Evan decides to do something about it. His wife approves - theirs is an open marriage. There is no shortage of chemistry between the men, and soon the erotic tension has them both enthralled. The question is, can Fin Harraway cope with becoming part of a polyamorous arrangement?
The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker
Part love story, part fable, part feminist manifesto, part political statement, Walker's novel follows a cast of interrelated characters, most of them black. and each representing a different ethnic strain that contributes to the black experience in America.
Three For Me? by R. G. Alexander
Simon, Eric, Rafael, Lee ... and Charli. It's never mattered that Charli is the only girl in the crowd. She's always been a tomboy, anyway. Just one of the guys. Between work and Couch Potato Thursdays, life is pretty full. Sure, no man alive can get through the friend gauntlet, but thanks to her boys and her toys, she's got plenty of fantasy material. It's a win-win situation. Until Lee has a destination wedding in Cozumel - and Charli's "best man" duties take a kinky turn. Through what looks to be foul play by Lee's new brides, Charli finds herself on a decidedly decadent shore excursion, playing "The Race Erotic". With each sexy challenge, it becomes clearer that down deep, she desires not one, not two, but all three of her remaining single buddies. They're the only family she's ever known. She can't imagine living without them. Will she have to choose? Or will the final score be three to one?
The Three Sirens by Irving Wallace
Tells story of the shattering impact that his seemingly Utopian way of life has on the Americans who have come to study The people of The Three Sirens and who suddenly find themselves instead studying the nature of their own desires, fears and passions. Their reactions are the theme of a dramatic and brilliant work of fiction that ruthlessly explores the inmost nature of modern man and his society.
Thursday, My Love by Robert H. Rimmer
Would you take this marriage vow? I promise to love, honor, and obey my own need to have more than one sexual partner to fulfill my total human potential.
Time Enough For Love (Lazaras Series book 2) by Robert A. Heinlein
Lazarus Long is so in love with life that he simply refuses to die. Born in the early 1900s, he lives through multiple centuries. Time Enough for Love is his lovingly detailed account of his journey through a vast and magnificent timescape of centuries and worlds. Using the voice of Lazarus, Heinlein expounds his own philosophies, including his radical (for 1946) ideas on sexual freedom. His use of slang, technical jargon, sharp wit, and clever understatement lend this story a texture and authority that seems the very tone of things to come.
To Sail Beyond the Sunset (Lazaras Series book 4) by Robert A. Heinlein
To Sail Beyond The Sunset picks up where The Cat Who Walked Through Walls left off and is a biographical treatment of the mother, wife, and possibly daughter of Lazarus Long, who first appeared in Methuselah's Children and later in the justly acclaimed Time Enough For Love. Maureen Johnson is one of the most irresistible, irrepressible, and lusty women in contemporary fiction, science or otherwise.
Triad edited by Selena Kitt
Welcome to a MENAGErie of sex in this steamy offering from the authors at eXcessica! The characters in these stories have all learned their kindergarten lessons-they share very well with others! From two men sharing her, to two women sharing him, and even all three men sharing each other, there's a plethora of sex in this hot anthology with a dozen stories to make your flesh-sandwich dreams come true!
Transition (Starfarers 2) by
The starship Starfarer plunges into the Tau Ceti system, its computer web crashed and its surface penetrated by a nuclear missile. J.D. Sauvage finds evidence of an interstellar community... but will it welcome Starfarer, or drive human beings away?
Two Girls Two Catamarans by James Wharram
In 1955, James Wharram crossed the Atlantic, east-to-west, in his 23' 6" catamaran Tangaroa, the smallest one to do so at the time. James was accompanied by two adventurous German girls, Ruth and Jutta, who believed in Wharram's claim: "If the Polynesians could sail the oceans in a double Canoe, so can I." The threesome returned to England in 1959 aboard another catamaran, the 40' Rongo which they had built on the beach in Trinidad. This was the first west-to-east crossing of the northern Atlantic in a multihull. Nine years later, after more cats and more cruising, Wharram's book "Two Girls, Two Catamarans", was published. It emphasized adventure and romance. By now James had developed his easy "backbone and bulkhead" building system for his designs, and together with his book it catalyzed their plans business. Working with several other lady friends - all equal partners in this venture - he designed more boats, sold more plans, built more catamarans and did more cruising.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
A meditation on life, on the erotic, on the nature of men and women and love . . . full of telling details, truths large and small.
Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas
Depicting one full day in the life of a small town in Wales, Thomas shows its motley residents as they awaken, perform their daily tasks, socialize, gossip, and daydream about the past that might have been and the future that may yet hold hope. When night falls and the residents retire, their losses and disappointments, along with their escapes into dreams, are given voice and poignancy. Polly Garter, with her numerous children by numerous fathers, dreams of Willie, a very small man who was the love of her life. Captain Cat, the blind bell-ringer, thinks of all the sailors he knew who died at sea. Mr. Pugh dreams of poisoning his wife, and young Gwenny, who has extorted pennies from the little boys who do NOT want to kiss her, plans for the next day and more pennies.
Warlord & Conqueror (General Series: The Forge, The Hammer, The Anvil, The Steel, The Sword) by S. M. Sterling
These books are loosely based on the life of Belisarius, the great Byzantine general, but set on a colony planet with roughly late 19th century technology.
Watch the North Wind Rise by Robert Graves
A poet who imagines the world a thousand years from now. Clocks, money and machinery have disappeared. Magicians are important and so are rituals, handicrafts and love. Everyone worships a Mother Goddess, and as in the Middle Ages, life is local and personal. Villages war against each other in dramatic fashion--but only on Tuesdays, and no one gets hurt.
Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World / The Great Hunt / The Dragon Reborn / The Shadow Rising / The Fires of Heaven / Lord of Chaos
In the first Wheel of Time book, The Eye of the World, Jordan introduces a world broken by phenomenal power and threatened by engulfing shadow. In The Great Hunt, our hero, Rand al'Thor, begins his epic journeys with a quest for the lost Horn of Valere, which promises to raise long-dead Heroes of Legend. And in The Dragon Reborn, Rand's destiny begins to take shape as his followers flock to him, and the world descends further into darkness. The Shadow Rising, The Fires of Heaven, and Lord of Chaos continue the great saga of Rand, the Dragon Reborn in a world broken in two by unimaginably powerful forces.
Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm
The spellbinding story of an isolated post-holocaust community determined to preserve itself, through a perilous experiment in cloning. Sweeping, dramatic, rich with humanity, and rigorous in its science.
White Wing by Gordon Kendall
Earth is long gone and Earth-humans have scattered to the stars as refugees. The only pride left for Earth humans is their military branch, White Wing. Each world is assigned a wing color, Earth is given white because in this universe it is the universal color of mourning. Earth humans are held in contempt by virtually every other known species, and especially by one group that wants to see the Earth humans eliminated. In White Wing we meet a squadron of fighter pilots and several individuals who are connected to the squadron in one way or another, including an agent assigned to study them and a spy assigned to infiltrate and destroy them.
Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy
This novel of speculative fiction tells the story of Connie Ramos, a middle-aged Hispanic woman with a troubled past who suddenly finds herself able to communicate with a future society. As she struggles in the present to retain her dignity and spiritual independence in the face of being diagnosed insane, Connie's experiences in the future awaken a fierce determination to not let herself be controlled or victimized. As the narrative details Connie's awakening consciousness, it also explores themes related to the nature of hope, relationships between parents and children, and the influence of the future on the present.
The World According to Garp by John Irving
Garp is the bastard son of Jenny Fields, a sometimes nurse and headmistress, who doesn't believe in anyone but herself, and her son. As Garp matures, finding success as an author, Jenny inadvertently eclipses his fame with her own autobiography, which catapults her to the forefront of the feminist movement.
World of Wonders (Deptford Trilogy book 3) by Robertson Davies
The story of Magnus Eisengrim-the most illustrious magician of his age-who is spirited away from his home by a member of a traveling sideshow, the Wanless World of Wonders. After honing his skills and becoming better known, Magnus unfurls his life's courageous and adventurous tale in this third and final volume of a spectacular, soaring work.

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