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One of the most popular questions within the poly community is: Do we have any poly songs? Well, yes, sort of. One group, Bone Poets Orchestra (formerly known as Gaia Consort), is the most well-known, most polished, and most prolific band to record poly-themed music, although they do sing other songs as well. But outside of BPO, we're stuck with a handful of isolated songs that are about being torn between two lovers, or cheating and wishing he didn't have to, or sex & threesomes, or humorous songs that probably weren't meant to be taken up as poly anthems, with a smattering of love songs that are ambiguously worded, so we can interpret them as poly if we want to. But there are a few genuine songs about multiple, loving relationships, and even one or two that aren't by BPO!

Here is a selection of poly-ish songs. There are lots of threesome songs available online, especially if you want to listen to joke threesome songs. A few were included, but not all simply because to do so would overwhelm the entire list with joke threesome songs. This is a dynamic list, and more songs will be added as they become available. Most of these videos are low quality because the "official" videos are prevented from being embedded and viewed from websites other than YT. Since the whole point of this playlist is to build an archive of poly videos to be shown within poly websites to help explain polyamory, I chose the low-quality or live videos instead of the "official" ones.

or view this playlist directly at YouTube: www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D5A986D298B84C9D

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