Simple Steps for Better Relationship Communication

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The Innkeeper and Sterling Bates team up again, this time to teach an interactive, hands-on workshop. Combining their study of personality type systems and relationship communication research with their extensive partner dancing experience, these former sweeties bring a combination of the latest scientific neuro-research and practical exercises designed to increase your relationship communication abilities.

Partner dancing changes the brain in some interesting and unique ways. Those ways, it turns out, makes us more empathetic, more considerate, and more understanding of our partners and the people close to us. Now, those skills are not reserved only for dancers! Joreth and Sterling break down some very simple exercises from the partner-dancing world so that even non-dancers who have no intention of partner dancing can learn and apply these exercises in their own life. Non-dancers and new-to-dancers will learn exercises they can practice at home that don't require any dance skill or ability, but these exercises will also improve the partner dance skills for even experienced dancers.

Simple Steps for Better Relationship Communication
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